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the journal

Musings from a late diagnosed Neurodivergent midlifer unlocking her uncaged life

hello there

Storytelling is a powerful way to connect with others.  It’s how we can share a piece of ourselves; find concepts and ideas that resonate – it’s a beautiful way to convey feeling and emotion.
It can also be a way to heal. Journaling and expressing myself through creative writing have been outlets for me to explore and express what life is like after a late diagnosis of Autism and ADHD. It’s also part of  my mission to support other late diagnosed ND midlifers to feel more connected to their whole self. ​

As well as coaching tips; posts about wellbeing and spirituality, you’ll find some of my own creative writing; thoughts on feminism and its intersectionality; my journey to live a more sustainable life for the sake of our planet as well as my travel adventures too.
Because all of those things make up who I am and I hope they inspire you to be curious about the things that make up who you are too.

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Sadie xo

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