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Unlock your curiosity, ditch the burnout

Are you ready to embark on a journey that ditches the burnout cycle and fosters genuine self-discovery, all while embracing your unique neurodivergent strengths?

Get ready to transform your life by swapping conformity for curiosity


Unlock the power of curiosity and break free from toxic productivity. Designed for late-diagnosed neurodivergent midlife women, this kit helps you reconnect with your true self and achieve your version of success

🧰 Unlock 20+ resources including masterclasses, exercises, tools, templates, meditations, and rituals.

🔮 Cultivate self-awareness and break free from toxic productivity patterns.

🙌🏻Embrace your neurodivergent identity and harness it for personal growth.

🚀 Develop practical strategies to overcome self-limiting beliefs.

​🎫 Includes a £50 off coupon for a Clarity Catalyst Session

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Hello there! I'm thrilled you're here. My name is Sadie , and I specialise in guiding late-diagnosed neurodivergent midlife women—like you—towards a deeper self-connection.

This work is important to me because I believe that the traps of conformity keep us stuck in habits of burnout, leaving us exhausted and frustrated.  I also believe that curiosity can break that spell of conformity and free you from burnout for good.


That's why I created the Curiosity Starter Kit.


With expertise in self-connection, shadow work, project management, plus my own late diagnosis of Autism, I offer 1-2-1 coaching, group sessions, courses, workshops, and memberships tailored to help you understand who you truly are, what you desire, and what's holding you back. 

This collection of 20+ resources—including masterclasses, exercises, tools, templates, meditations, and rituals—is designed to help you rediscover yourself and pave the way for your unique version of success. 


It's the "best bits" from 7+ years of my workshops, courses and programmes gathered together as one handy starter kit to give you an introduction to my work, but also provide you with some genuinely useful, practical and soulful tools to help you explore your emerging identity.


Together, let's break free from self-limiting beliefs and embrace the path of self-exploration - it begins with curiosity and ends with belonging.

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