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I'm Sadie, your life coach and personal cheerleader

my story

Probably one of life’s biggest questions is “Who am I and what am I doing here?”

This is something that kept popping up for me throughout my 30’s as my friends and colleagues starting having children and became mothers yet there was I, solidly choosing to remain happily in my childfree status. 

After a while, I realised that if I was not going to be a mother… then who was I?

And the question didn’t go away...

why I do what I do

Not being a parent gave me the opportunity and privilege of time and energy and not using them for anything of value was starting to feel like a waste.

If motherhood wasn’t my calling, then what was? I knew there was more out there for me that the work/consume/sleep/repeat rat race cycle I had found myself in, yet I also felt held back by fears and doubts I could not fully name or face.


The answer came in that gentle, unfolding and flowing way that the Universe has when you finally open yourself up to possibility and bold choices. A podcast I discovered and loved led me to the host’s website and from there the Beautiful You Coaching Academy.

Coaching has opened up wonderful opportunities for me to use my gifts to help other women in similar positions to also find their purpose and potential.

A journey of self discovery opened up for me the realisation that I have gifts the world is sometimes lacking – empathy; intuition and curiosity. Then I discovered the Japanese concept of Ikigai which unlocked for me the power or purpose and set me to wondering - what if all women felt this same way? What if we all had enriching, fulfilling purposeful lives?


We live in a patriarchal society that puts Motherhood as the pinnacle of female achievement. The expectations of society is that womanhood = motherhood. 


But what if you have chosen to walk another path? Or what if circumstances have led you a different way? And what about all the women with grown up children who now desire to explore fulfilment beyond motherhood? 


There is so much possibility for women to achieve and I know you are capable of incredible things.


I believe that womanhood does not equal motherhood and I feel its my mission to enable and inspire childfree women to feel empowered, sovereign and purposeful. And I think you feel the same way too...

Are you ready to take a curious deep dive into discovering your true potential and live a more rewarding and fulfilling life?

how I will help you

I will be your own personal cheerleader to witness and encourage you stepping into your potential – holding up a mirror to let you see yourself in a new light and a fresh perspective.

I use a strategic approach to support you in building strong foundations from which you can take life changing leaps forward.

I offer you the gift of accountability.  Whilst you will have the responsibility of your own actions, I have a part to play too.  Our sessions won’t be a passive conversation, my part will be to gently, lovingly challenge and be honest with you to keep you on track.  Together we will set expectations and manage them throughout our journey.

I offer a safe space for you to be seen and heard. I want you to know that in our time together, you and your goals are free from judgement and will be my priority.

I came to Sadie when I was assessing my career opportunities and generally looking at my whole work/life balance.  She has really helped me, in not only reaching goals.  But also on continually working to make positive changes when things get overwhelming.  We often work through actions and tasks together, which I find really help me to focus and find a way through challenging situations.



what is coaching?

Imagine that along the path of your life you find yourself at a cross roads. You have with you a small suitcase, a hire car and a desire to explore.

Perhaps you have a destination in mind but you are not sure of the route to take; or maybe you are not sure what direction you want to head in, just the strong desire to move forward on an adventure.

A nearby map shows many destinations and many routes to get there – some places you have been before and others are completely new. So, you have options, the means to travel and a desire to get moving but without a guide it’s not clear what step to take next.​

Enter me – the life coach. 

I’m like your personal tour guide, interested purely in you; where you want to get in life and how you want to get there. I not only want to help you get where you are going, I want you to enjoy the journey too. I also want to encourage you to be bold and explore new places, not just places you have been before because those new places – that’s where the magic is.

But that’s not all.

​If you get tired or forget why you started the journey in the first place, I’ll be here to remind you of your strengths and how awesome it will be when you get where you are going. 


I’ll use my trusty detective skills to find out what really matters to you and what your dream destination really is (sometimes it’s not the one you thought it was). 

​I’ll be the one in the passenger seat holding the map when we go off the beaten track to parts unknown but you are the one in the driver’s seat. 

If there are setbacks along the way, don’t worry – I can change a metaphysical flat tyre and get you back on the road on in a heartbeat. I’ll bring my tool kit, my experience and all my magic to help light the way and keep you moving forward.

​The road ahead doesn’t have to be daunting or confusing.


This is a road you can build yourself as we go and the destination will be whatever you dream it to be.

We will go as far as you want, as fast as you can – this is all your journey.

This Curious Life | Life Coaching UK | Life coach for women embracing a child free life

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This Curious Life | Life Coaching UK | Life coach for women embracing a child free life

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This Curious Life | Life Coaching UK | Life coach for women embracing a child free life

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