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Hello, I’m Sadie. AuDHD Coach and Shadow Worker – here to light the way for your journey
back to connecting with your truest, whole self.

my story

This Curious Life Coaching | UK self connection coach for neurospicy biz owners

Probably one of life’s biggest questions is “Who am I and what am I doing here?”

This is something that kept popping up for me throughout my 30’s.  All around me, friends and colleagues were getting married, having babies, moving up the corporate career ladder and generally getting on with their life.


And part of me was happy to play along that this was what I wanted too, even though a quieter more insistent voice kept asking the powerful question - is this really it?

And the question didn’t go away...

why I do what I do

My quest to discover who I was took me on a journey away from myself and all the way back again. 


Through my late 30s I was becoming more and more aware that I was hiding my true face behind a persona that was moving through life on autopilot. 

Life felt both too much AND not enough – I was in need of some serious rebalancing.


Even after a breakdown in 2018, it took another 5 years to realise that I was both Autistic and had ADHD - a diagnosis that whilst shocking in the biggest life plot twist kind of way, also made so many things finally make sense.  


I woke up to the understanding that my whole life, I'd been trying to fit in where I did not quite belong - and all the parts of me I had denied, hidden and felt ashamed of were clamouring for my attention…


I'd spent a lifetime of masking - pretending to be like everyone else so I could fit in, when what I was really craving was the belonging that comes from being your true self.


Discovering such a fundamental thing about myself just as I hit my mid forties, and all the fun that being a mid life woman brings was at first overwhelming - and I couldn't help wondering if now knowing I was AuDHD would be the reason that I'd struggle to ever find success with my business.

But when I took the time to connect with the newly discovered part of me and really explored what it meant, it opened up for me the realisation that I have superpowers the world is sometimes lacking – empathy; intuition and curiosity. Beyond that, my inner child was wide awake and desperate to play. I reconnected with my love of magic, whimsy and creativity.


This is where true magic comes to play – the ability to be exactly who I am; do something I love (and am good at!); support other people to connect with who they are and really make a difference in the world.

Are you ready to take a curious deep dive into connecting with both your shadow and your magic?


how we will work together

You don't need someone to give you answers as I trust that you already have all the answers you need inside you.  My job is to be your cheerleader, to witness and encourage you stepping into your full potential – holding up a mirror to let you see yourself in a new light and a fresh perspective.


Looking inward and reconnecting with who you are can sometimes feel uncomfortable and confronting so I'll be there to hold your hand and remind you how awesome you are every step of the way.

A never ending to do list and constant uncertainty about what the right next move is can be overwhelming and paralysing - fear takes over and convinces you that you've got no clue. Inner critic takes over and all your lovely ideas and dreams get pushed aside once more.


Don't worry - I use a strategic approach to support you in building strong foundations from which you can take life changing leaps forward. My background in project management and strategic delivery means I can blend the practical with the magical to problem solve and innovate.


Together we can cut through the fear, soothe your overwhelm and get you focused on what matters.

I offer a safe space for you to be seen and heard. I want you to know that in our time together, you and your goals are free from judgement and will be my priority. I’m here to see you win.

Working with me means that you have a trained, certified coach who has diplomas in shadow work, mediation and tarot. As well as all that magic, you're going to have an experienced leader, project manager and life long problem solver in your corner.  All of that makes for a holistic toolbox of practical magic – all at your disposal when you say yes to working with me.

I strive to create a supportive environment and provide solutions that prioritise people's well-being, taking into account their past experiences and diverse social backgrounds.


I've successfully completed a curriculum focused on supporting people who have experienced trauma, and I'm actively involved in studying and addressing issues related to racism. I'm also committed to challenging the influence of capitalism on our values and standards.

It's important for me to emphasise that I can't guarantee a completely secure space for you. I understand that you're the best judge of what feels safe and comfortable for you.


My goal is to enable you to establish your own sense of internal safety, particularly in today's complex social landscape, by respecting your consent, choices, and providing clear communication during our interactions.

Please be aware that my services are not intended to replace therapy. I will adhere to the boundaries of my professional expertise when working with you and, if necessary, I will refer you to qualified professionals who can provide more specialised support.

This Curious Life Coaching | UK self connection coach for neurospicy biz owners

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This Curious Life Coaching | UK self connection coach for neurospicy biz owners

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This Curious Life Coaching | UK self connection coach for neurospicy biz owners

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