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1-2-1 coaching

Discovering that you are neurodivergent later in life can be a confusing and lonely path to walk alone - so it's a good job you don’t have to do this solo!

A Curious Life

6 month 1-2-1 coaching programme

A Curious Life is a 6 month private coaching programme intended to support you in your journey back to your truest, unmasked self so that you can face life's challenges from a strong foundation of connection, confidence and clarity.

This is a coming home.  A shedding of the mask that has kept you safe in a neurotypical world  so you can return to what awaits in your heart - a return to what brings you joy, ease and connection to yourself and the world around you. 

Being curious, asking questions, wondering "what if?" and "what else is also true?" opens the gateway for change and transformation.

It all begins with deciding to switch off autopilot, take back control and choose A Curious Life.

When we come back to ourselves - our true self, we can move through life with intention and flow.  Connecting back to what matters, maintaining healthy boundaries and being in action towards where we want to go. 

What To Expect On Your Journey With Me


In our 6 months together, I will support you to create a nourishing, strong and empowering sense of self connection so you can be in action without the threat of burnout or overwhelm.

In this expansive, supportive and heart-led space you will be enabled to make friends with your whole self, embracing and integrating all the parts of you, so that instead of working hard to keep you small and safe, they can be freed up to become your most trusted advisors.

​You will be able to reconnect with the rebellious magic of rest and play - a much needed antidote to modern hustle culture, especially when being neurodivergent in a neurodivergent world is so damn exhausting! You'll discover the creative connection that comes when you feel more rested, more playful and more in tune with your whole self.

True transformation that runs deep takes time and benefits from the space to play and experiment.  This is the beginning of life long work and does not need to be rushed. 


Patience and trust is all part of the process in coming back to your self.

The Opportunity 

Saying YES to this experience opens up the opportunity for you to access a new level of connection and sense of belonging to your trust self.

  • Learn to explore, understand, embrace and accept your neurodivergent qualities so you can work with them rather than fight against them. 

  • Build and maintain healthy boundaries that create a sacred container of self connection so you can protect your most precious resources - your time, energy and attention.

  • Find flow and harmony between doing and being  by integrating restful and playful practices that support you to feel energised, rather than guilty about taking the rest you need.

  • Confidently express your needs and wants so you can meet and honour them without fearing you are too much or not enough.

  • Swap overwhelm and burnout for feeling rested and playful

  • Confidently take your visions and dreams to the next level

  • Tune into what success looks and feels like for you

  • Feel supported as you embark on your next big life adventure

  • Return to a more human paced way of being with living in tune with nature's cycles and the wheel of the year energy

  • Enable you to be in action with your intentions and switch off autopilot

  • Learn to embrace and value all your quirks, kinks and wonderful weirdness

  • Find pleasure in exploring rather than resisting whatever brings you joy

  • Feel confident to drop the mask and show up as your full messy, imperfect self

  • Discover healthy ways to express and release your feelings

  • Let go of people pleasing, perfectionism and procrastination behaviours that are keeping you small

  • Embrace showing up and showing off - take up space, shine unapologetically 

  • Find ways to opt out of hustle culture and toxic productivity boom and bust cycles 

  • Feel grounded in a sense of confidence that comes from within - a confidence that opens up when you walk your own path with intention

  • Release the weight of external expectations, resentment, judgement and comparison 

The Testimonials



Sadie is a very supportive and intuitive coach and just seemed able to tap into what I needed most from our time together .


Sadie was able to meet me where I am and also encourage me to take some steps out of my comfort zone in order to head in the direction of where I want to be, as a business owner and as a creative person



If you are on the treadmill and hanker to reconnect but you are not sure what with or how, gives Sadie a go. She'll gently but firmly support you to explore different planes with her own blend of beautiful yet practical magic.


You'll become a nice person again - in your own eyes and other people's.

Life should be all about curiosity and experimentation.


Sadie will teach you how to both live in the moment and widen your perspective.



Sadie is warm, encouraging and fun!


She wasn't afraid to give me a bit of challenge too, which really helped me shift my long term view that being actively creative was not for me.

Sadie's follow up by Voxer and email was amazing, as she kept me accountable through the process of taking my creativity and using it to create a 90 day plan for my business.

The Offering

A Curious Life Coaching Package Includes:

  • 2 x 60 minute coaching calls via Zoom per month (12 in total)

  • Support between calls via Voxer (a text and voice note app like WhatsApp) and email during office hours

  • Guided journey meditations, shadow exercises, project management tools, self connection rituals and other resources including suggestions for books, articles, podcasts etc to support your journey.  

  • Regular homework challenges so you can implement and integrate, play and experiment in ways that feel supported and encouraged

  • Find out more about how I work with clients in my Manifesto here. 


The Investment

The investment for A Curious Life Coaching Programme is £1,100 (or 6x £183 per month) with flexible payment plans available.

Who This is For

A Curious Life 1-2-1 coaching programme is for you if:

  • You are a late diagnosed midlife woman ready to embrace your neurodivergence and start showing up in the world as your whole, true self. 

  • You are ready to go all in on investing in your self discovery and self connection - no more half arsing it with buying all the books and courses but never taking the time to implement and integrate.

  • You are magic curious and open to the idea of exploring what's possible when you open yourself up to the playful energy of "what if...?"

  • You are ready to release the beliefs and behaviours that are holding you back - people pleasing, leaky boundaries, a harsh inner critic, perfectionism and self doubt.

  • You are ready to let someone hold space for you to feel seen, heard and held - safe enough to explore your shadow side and begin to integrate the parts of you that have been held at arm's length for so long.

  • You are willing to lean into patience and trust - knowing that this work takes time and is not linear.  Are you willing to take a trust fall with yourself?

  • You are ready to work through discomfort and turn into rather than away from it - trusting that in doing so you can release what no longer serves you; deepen your self connection and develop a better relationship with yourself and those around you.

Ready To Go Further?

If you want to know more and discuss how I can support you navigate life as a Neurodivergent midlifer, book a call here

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