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Every freebie, every product, every service. Everything.

The Everything Page* is where you can find, well, everything I offer in my business - from free stuff to signature group programmes and all the good stuff in between.

So, whether you are looking to grab a free resource or fancy a browse of what's on offer, you have come to the right place.

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The Overwhelm Antidote


Swap overwhelm and uncertainty for calm and clarity with this simple restorative practice. 


Dark Moon Self Connection

If you desire to know yourself better so you can feel more grounded and less distracted - this Dark Moon Practice contains all you need to begin in just 30 minutes



Rest & Play Audit


What type of rest and play do you need more of to reawaken your creative fire? Discover the exact blend of rest and play you need to restore your spirit and reignite your creativity.

Image by Jodie Cook

Connection Circles

Monthly Connection Circles for late diagnosed neurodivergent mid life women. Inspired by the moon, created for community & connection.

Flexible, accessible ticket pricing £1- £30


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Dark Moon Club

A nourishing monthly self connection practice sent direct to your inbox every month. 

Get 50% off your first month when you join today with code DMCWELCOME50


Mic Drop Meditations


All you need to know to create, record and share your meditations in this instant access course. 

You'll be recording and sharing like a pro in less than 1 hour!


Curiosity Shop

from £7.77

The "Dip Your Toe In" option - explore my instant access masterclasses and workbooks.

There's something for everyone!



Intuitive Biz Course

Everything you need to connect with your intuition and confidently create a 90-day plan that is best for your business & best for you.

Includes a blend of spiritual and project management practices for a holistic approach to business. 


Shadow Initiation Course


Delivered in 5 simple modules over 5 days, this course is all you need to answer the question "what the hell is shadow work and why should I care?!" (spoiler alert - because it's transformative!!)

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90min Clarity Catalyst Session

Rent my brain and tap into 20+ years of project management experience and together we can work through getting clear on creating a plan of action so you can get into action and start having more of what you want from life.


Curious Life Coaching


a 6 month private coaching programme intended to support you in your journey back to your truest self so that you can navigate life as a late diagnosed neurodivergent with confidence and clarity.

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