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Bite seized content packed with simple tips and practical actions you can implement straight away for a more easeful biz life. Includes 3 x instant access workshops, tangible tools and supportive practices.



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Discover the powerful magic of embodiment and journey to meet your future self in this 45 minute instant access workshop + additional resources


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Ikigai is a Japanese philosophy for connecting with Purpose.  This workbook will guide you to discover and connect with your unique, fulfilling reason for being.



Intuition Meditation Cover.jpg

Call on the guidance of your intuition to support your aligned decision making.  This mediation will bring you clarity and connection.


Soul Self Meditation Cover.jpg

Imagine if you could speak to your truest self - what would you ask? what message and guidance would they have to share?



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Discover what the original rebel and first feminist Lilith can share with you about owning your own truth and your own power in this 80 minute instant access workshop + journal prompt workbook.


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Connect back to the creative, joyful magic that comes when you intentionally feel more rested, playful and creative with this 33 minute instant access workshop + additional resources.


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Imposter syndrome holds you back - discover ways to manage your inner imposter with this workbook that will support you to feel less fake and more fabulous!


Future Self Journey Meditation Cover.png

Journey to meet your future self and open yourself to the potential of what that future could look like. Time travel your way to possibility!


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Heal, restore and connect with yourself whilst gently floating in this sacred moonlit pool.

A gentle and restorative meditation that will leave you feeling soothed and relaxed.


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Feel your shoulders drop as you realise you can run your next (or first!) launch feeling relaxed and confident. This 70 minute instant access workshop + interactive, practical workbook will support you to create an easeful launch plan.



25 inspiring stories from women around the world who have rediscovered their own worth and are passionate about supporting others to do likewise.  




Energetic Self Meditation Cover.jpg

This guided journey will leave you feeling refreshed and soothed, simply from the gift of allowing yourself some time and space to sink into pure relaxation.


Energetic Self Meditation Cover (1).jpg

Our ancestors can be powerful guides for us to tap into.


This meditation will guide you to meet with ancestors and receive the wisdom they have to share with you