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What I Learned From Exploring My Values

As a coach, I'm often exploring the idea of values with clients. It's a process of uncovering what's important to us and how we can align our lives with those values. When we live our values, we feel more fulfilled and connected to something bigger than ourselves - and knowing what it feels like to live life in alignment (and what being out of alignment feels like too) with your values can also be a powerful guide to living a life on your terms that feels good.

When I first started my coaching journey, I shared my values in this blog post. As my work and relationship with myself evolves, I've noticed my understanding of my values has shifted and refocused too. Here is an updated view of the values that drive me - both my life and my work.

Fairness. I believe in attaining and maintaining equity as a standard in my business and how I interact with my community. This looks like flexibility to meet people’s needs; a continued commitment to learning and doing better and striving to ensure I provide a range of services at various price points, including free, subsidised and scholarship places.

It’s important to me that I look for ways I can stand up for those who are marginalised; using my platform to amplify the voice of others, passing the mic and not speaking for or over others and remain open to being called in when I get it wrong with a commitment to do better next time.

Magic. I endeavour to retain a belief and sense of trust in something bigger than myself with the principles that intention + action = magic.

I want to never stop finding wonder in the everyday, weaving ritual and ceremony to elevate simple habits to divine acts of devotion for myself and my clients.

Retaining the childlike joy of finding pleasure in the smallest and simplest of things; exploring the spiritual and mystical and remaining open to life's messages. It's also important for me to avoid the "love and light" spiritual bypassing that can be used to avoid confronting uncomfortable truths or minimise the troubles of the world.

Magic for me is a way to incorporate supportive and helpful practices in my work that take into account the diversity of people’s lived experiences and backgrounds - a common thread of connection to all things.

Intuition. Making decisions based on what feels good and encouraging my clients to do the same is an important part of how I work and live.

No one knows you better than you know yourself, and I believe we all have a strong sense of intuition, once we allow ourselves the stillness needed to hear it.

Speaking up when things do not feel good; leading with integrity; exploring what it means to be authentic and being open to not shying away from difficult things when they feel right are all part of leaning into intuition and self trust.

Holding space for people to feel bold and explore the messages their intuition has for them; exploring what it means to trust in those voices and find ways to be in aligned action is 100% my playground and you are invited to join me.

Quality. Ensuring all my interactions are to a high standard of human centric service and feel high quality. Treating people like individuals and valuing excellence is important to me, no matter the level of interaction, service or how well we know each other.

This is not about perfection or performative, external and shallow appearances - it’s about holding myself to, and valuing high standards so I can ensure that when you come into my space, you feel valued, welcome and nurtured.

In life, I have learned that creating a sense of quality comes from discernment and that feeling worthy of deserving high quality is a way to show myself love.

Curiosity. A lifelong joy of seeking answers, valuing curiosity means being committed to staying open, to learning, to asking questions and challenging the status quo. When we stop asking questions and stop being curious, we get stuck and stagnant - we become incapacitated and end up settling rather than striving.

Curiosity is the fire that fuels me! I want to inspire my community to feel that same fire - to not accept things as they are and get curious about what else is also true for them, their jobs, businesses, relationships, wants and needs.

Spending the time to revisit my values has taught me that they are not static parts of us, they can shift through time as our relationship with our self changes, deepens and is renewed. Coming back to revisit your values is a really powerful way to deepen your sense of self connection as well as provide a check in - are you on the right path and does it still feel good?

If you want to explore your own values, here are some questions you can explore:

  • What lights you up, makes you smile and brings you joy?

  • What makes you angry, gets you fired up and inspires you to take action?

  • What characteristics do you value in others and inspire to within yourself?

  • Thinking about relationships that feel good - what's a common thread that runs through them?

Taking some time to explore these questions and look for common themes, words and feelings can help you get clearer on your values. And when you know your values, you can begin to notice when actions, relationships and services feel in alignment with them, and when things don't.

Interested in going deeper with your sense of self connection? Sign up to hear first when doors for my group coaching programme Reconnect open for the next round.


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