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My Business Spirit

I recently completed a course with Anna Bellissima which was an exploration of bringing the energy of Mercury into writing for business.

One of the exercises invited us to explore what the spirit of our business was so that we could better connect and understand the partnership we have with our business as it's own entity.

Now, if you have been around here long enough, you will know that I am a little bit in love with all things Woo and this was right up my spiritual alley. My business is important to me - it is something I have created from my own imagination and passion to fulfil a vision I had for my life. So, thinking of my business as an innate, non-entity was doing it a disservice. My business has it's own character and personality that goes beyond branding, logos and font styles.

My business has values, soul and of course spirit and I would like you to meet it so that if, (when?) you chose to work with me, you can know what to expect not only from me - but also my business.

The spirit of my business is a lush green woodland, sparkling with golden hour light and full of blushing blossom and a carpet of soft moss.

It’s calm and restful yet full of abundance and movement. A stream wanders (and wonders) playfully through and around - flowing with creativity, inspiration and possibility.

There are points of stillness in these woods too. A silent pool that always reflects the moon lies waiting to be be discovered and of course there are also the dark, shady and shadowy parts that are home to many a slinking, curious creature or two.

There is bird song here, along with the welcoming scents of pine trees, jasmine blossom and fresh rain. There are, however no paths - just the invitation to make your own way and explore with open curiosity.

This is a safe and inviting; calming yet inspiring and energising place. The spirit of my business is one that welcomes the everchanging cycles of nature - it is here to witness growth; celebrate blooming; honour release and invite rest - all as equals. This is the energy of unconditional acceptance for who you are now - not where you have come from, or where you are going - simply who you are in this moment.

It is a place that you can go to wrap yourself in loving, supportive energy whilst you transform into the next version of yourself. It’s a home for ideas and curiosity to blossom without judgement. It's a place to lay down and rest a while too.

It welcomes those who feel lost or worn down by the noise and clamour of the outside world. It asks nothing of you but to release the cloak of expectation that weighs heavy on your shoulders and instead embrace your own wants and needs - rediscover and reconnect with them here.

It is place for the lost to once again feel found - to discover your true self reflected back in the pools and cycles of your own nature. To find your tender parts hidden in the shadows - the timid, flighty, watchful parts of you that can be coaxed out with gentle, loving enquiry and compassion.

This is a place of magic and possibility. It’s a place that will show you the answers you already hold and invite you to ask yet more questions.

My business spirit is the spirit of an enchanted woodland, full of light and shade, waiting for you to come and explore all the potential that you bring with you when you step boldly off the beaten path and into the woods.


Feel inspired? If you would like to know more about what its like to work not only with me, but with the enchanted woodland spirit of my business - book a discovery call today.


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