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Sister Circles


Join us in circle

There is something very powerful about women coming together in circle to be seen and witness their sisters.

This is your invitation to join me each month under the Full Moon to Celebrate and Release.

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What is a Sister Circle?

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Celebrate & release

The light of the full moon reminds us that all things in nature - including us - move in cycles.


An important part of  honouring cycles is to recognise and celebrate our wins as well as accept when we need to let go and create space for something new.


Sister Circles provide that opportunity in  a beautiful way under the magic of the moon.


Being in circle with other women provides the opportunity for a safe, welcoming and understanding place to be truly yourself, free from judgement and comparison.


A place where you can connect, witness, laugh and cry with your sisters. Being in circle means being seen, heard and held.


Being in circle means being connected.



Guided meditation; ritual; sacred space holding and time to think and write. 


Each circles is a unique combination of elements that create a sacred pocket of time for you to spend on yourself.

Intention plus action plus belief is all you need to create magic and each circle will provide its own special blend of magic that you can experience and be part of. 

What to expect


Each Sister Circle is as unique as the women who join together, but there are a few elements that are consistent:

  • A 90 -120 minute LIVE Zoom call with 7 to 10 women to keep it small and intimate.

  • The opportunity to feel grounded and connected - This is sacred time out from day to day life purely to connect back in to what's important - you.
  • Guided meditation time - each circle will feature a guided meditation to support you on an inner journey to unlock your true voice.
  • Journal time - following the guided meditation you will have time to capture and further explore the thoughts, feelings and imagery that come to you in the guided meditation so you can tap into and seek understanding from your deep inner world. Not journaled before? Find out more here.
  • Sharing Circle - perhaps the most powerful aspect of being in a Sister Circle is the opportunity to share with other women.  You can participate in this aspect as much or as little as is comfortable for you to do so, there is no pressure, simply the invitation to be seen and heard by your sisters.
  • Be in Sacred Space.  Being in circle is being in sacred space with me as your sacred space holder.  This is a deeply powerful, healing and empowering space where you can be fully yourself. This is a co-created space that becomes full of the energy of those within it and can be transformational.


I felt so connected to each woman and to myself. It was such a wonderful way of tapping into what was going on for me internally, and being able to share that in such a sacred, safe space was so special.


I felt so connected to each woman and to myself. It was such a wonderful way of tapping into what was going on for me internally, and being able to share that in such a sacred, safe space was so special.

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Who Are Sister Circles For?


Sister Circles are a time that you can dedicate purely to you.

Away from the demands and stresses of life, family, work - this is time when you can indulge in exploring the parts of you that often get pushed aside because of others demands.

This is for any woman who has ever felt they never get to really be themselves; are not seen or heard.

This is for you sister.

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Sign Up To Join A Circle

Circles are held each month in line with the full moon so dates vary.  Tickets are £10 and you can signup here to find out about the next event.

Meet Your Host

Hi, I'm Sadie - Life Coach, Workshop Facilitator and Space Holder.

The early months of the COVID Pandemic Crisis woke in me a deep need for connection - to myself and to others and I found that connection in participating and hosting Sister Circles.

I love the magic that is created by women in circle and how it also combines with my love of mystical magic too. 


Life Coaching for women is my purpose - it lights me up and fulfils me after many years being a perfectionist people pleaser with a love of procrastination!


And now I walk a different path, one which is lit by moonlight and paved with curiosity.  It is the road to purpose and fulfilment.

I have found firm footing on my own path so I can support other women to navigate theirs, free of the weight of external expectations and with a little twist of magic here and there too. If you would like to explore other ways of working with me, I would love to hear from you.