with your unique and magical path to fulfilment


Free of the weight of overthinking, fear and doubt, you will stride boldly into your next adventure, full of confidence and self-trust, even if right now you are not sure what direction to take.

Sounds good, Right?

** Reconnect Ran in May - July 2021 and I have not yet decided when I will run it again, but it will be running again!


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As we begin the return to a sense of normality, after a year of pandemic chaos and nervous system stress saturation, you’re thinking – “what next? What does my life look like post lock down and what’s my next step?

Perhaps you’ve had a growing sense of dissatisfaction for a while – wondering “is this it?” 

Or perhaps, you’re overwhelmed with choices – too many ideas buzzing for your attention, and you’re stuck moving forward with any of them.

Dissatisfaction, Overwhelm and Stuckness are all symptoms of being disconnected from your intuition and purpose - because when we cannot feel and know what we want for ourselves, we become distracted and absorbed by other people's wants and priorities. 


Our own needs and desires get lost in the noise.

I know what it’s like

Before discovering my purpose, life was on autopilot and I was a passenger along for the ride. Work/home/sleep repeat. It was so easy for external expectations and stories to drown out what I really wanted for myself:

  • I was forever looking forward to getting home from work; to the weekend; to our next holiday - never letting myself be in the moment, always looking for happiness somewhere in the future.

  • I numbed myself with over indulgences as distractions from the feeling of dissatisfaction - over drinking, over eating and looking forward to payday so I could go on a spending spree on more stuff that I did not need.

  • My job became stressful as it did not bring me any sense of fulfilment and the thought of another 30+ years of doing something I had no joy for felt like a huge hole looming in front of me.  This? This was going to be my life? 


I knew that I was not as happy on the inside as I appeared on the outside - but I did not have the answers to find my way out to something better.


In fact, I ended up completely burned out, which forced me into some serious soul searching. And I realised that living on autopilot is way more harmful than many of us realise.

It cuts us off from our wisdom. Being on autopilot means we have deliberately ‘switched off’ the parts of us that know we’re meant for more. But that wisdom is also a vital creative life force: being cut off from it leaves us adrift on an ocean of other people’s opinions and expectations, as we attempt to follow a map that someone else has laid out for us.

Thankfully, I found the route back, and reconnected with my intuition and purpose. I developed tools and practices that allow me to always know what I want for myself versus what things are “shoulds” – the list of “life goals” which the media promise will bring us the elusive ‘happy ever after’. 

I banished ‘should’ and went on a journey to discover my purpose – my joy and light - which meant finding ways to unpack and counter my ‘Good Girl’ programming – 

  • the need to be perfect that held me back from being truly creative

  • putting other people's needs first - always - and at the cost of my own

  • believing that good girls are seen and not heard; that it was rude to make a fuss and showing any hint of personality made you “weird”


I learned that when I prioritise connection to my needs and the wisdom that lives within me, I find balance and fulfilment.

I find contentment and meaning.

I found freedom and it’s my mission to support you to find yours too.

Re:Connect is a 9-week exploration into how you can:


your response to external influences (loved ones, media, culture, etc) and learn to listen to your internal compass


your power by perfecting the ultimate self-care power move so you can feel back in control of your time, energy and space 


into your inner wisdom, so you can trust yourself to know and make the next right move with confidence

Potency upgrade
The power of the three Re:Connect principles is magnified by the structure of a group programme. 

Sharing a journey with other women on similar paths is a powerful and beautiful way to deepen connection to yourself.


Your truth is mirrored by theirs; insights are shared and multiplied; healing is witnessed, and a sacred container is created which amplifies your individual experience in magical and unexpected ways


Re:Connect is the path back to you…

… the real you - and it begins with a simple choice to say ‘yes’ to yourself.

Here’s what I’m inviting you to say ‘yes’ to:

  • Being crystal clear on what’s truly important to you.  

  • Discernment over what and whom you allow to influence your life – you’ll be back in control

  • Casting away doubt and overthinking, and replacing it with self trust and confidence 

  • Strengthening your intuitive powers. Gut feelings, tugs at the heart, and butterflies in your tummy are just the beginning when you allow your intuition to be the guide 

  • Awakening the power of your purpose and discovering where you’ll find fulfilment

  • Empowering yourself to set and keep strong boundaries, defeating the habit of always putting other people first

  • Freedom from the pressure and pain that happens when you compare yourself to others, and get tangled up in judgement and resentment

  • Welcoming back in joy and contentment – in what you have now, and the direction you are heading 

  • Switching off autopilot and getting back in the drivers’ seat. It’s time to take the wheel of your own life. 


On this voyage you’ll discover the deep, rich pool of quiet wisdom that is always there inside and has simply been waiting for you.


It’s a voice we don’t hear when we’re disconnected… but without it, we can never truly know what we want and need.


Here’s how the programme runs:

  • 3 x LIVE Connection Sessions. Every two weeks we gather and dive into the focus of the current module; ask big questions; receive understanding and insights; share and support each other to dismantle tired, old stories and create new, nourishing ones.

  • 3 x recorded Power Sessions. Emailed every two weeks, on a specific module. Watch and digest at your own pace, re-watching as often as you need to let it all soak in.

  • 3 x Sacred Circles. Meeting in Sacred Circle is a beautiful way to connect with yourself and others. We join in three Sacred Circles: one to to open the group, one halfway through to reflect; and a final one to celebrate and close our journey together

  • Resources, Tools and Worksheets. The recorded sessions are accompanied by interactive tools like journal prompts, exercises, actions and challenges: practical and creative ways to work through each of the themes and develop a deep connection to your inner wisdom that will last long after this programme.

  • Support & Community. A safe and private space to connect with sisters on a similar journey and support one another. There is power in witnessing someone else’s transformation whilst also experiencing your own.

  • Time. You cannot rush deep transformation and I make sure there is plenty of time to explore these big topics without feeling rushed. The programme includes a midpoint reflection week and the lessons are yours to revisit when you need them again. 

  • Me In Your CornerAs well as the live sessions, I’m on hand to answer questions, help shift blocks, celebrate wins and generally cheer-lead you through our time together. I’m here with email support and will also be active in the community space every day to make sure you keep momentum when you get to a bump in the road.​

Client Success Stories

"It was like a breath of fresh air. The way we were able to dig in and unpick my goals was absolute magic.


That in itself re-awakened parts of me. It was almost as if I’d sounded a horn and my body knew that I was there for it, that I cared and was taking note." 

"I felt so connected to each woman and to myself.


It was such a wonderful way of tapping into what was going on for me internally, and being able to share that in such a sacred, safe space was so special." 

"I’m showing up for myself – in my business, in my body, in my approach to managing my health.


I truly feel like I’ve levelled up and I don’t think I could have done it without you. It happened at exactly the right time, in exactly the right way."

On this journey of connection, there is so much potential for growth and transformation.


I am ALL IN with you on this, 100% of the way, and I promise that saying “YES!” to this opportunity is a powerful first step toward a more fulfilling life.

To keep this experience potent and intimate, I’m limiting the number of women joining me to nine – a delicious and mystical number that further enhances the magic we will co-create.  

Once those nine places are gone, the doors will close - so I encourage you to respond quickly if this has piqued your interest. 


You can book a free, no-obligation call to answer any questions and begin your journey. 

The exchange for this experience is £TBC with payment plans available 


There’s more….

Take the VIP option and go even deeper, with a private hour-long coaching session, plus two weeks follow up support for just £TBC

TLDR – skipped to the bottom? You are my people! Here's the highlights:


Re:Connect is a 9-week group coaching programme to shift from dissatisfaction, stuckness and overwhelm to focus, calm and purpose, even if you’re not even sure what you want right now.

It's £TBC and you can upgrade to include a 1-2-1 60 minute session with me for £TBC