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It's time to stop settling for simply existing and start passionately living the life you've always dreamed of.

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Living in a state of perpetual overwhelm and feeling like you're pleasing everyone but yourself are signs that you need better boundaries.

Constant overwhelm leads to the boom and bust cycles of burnout which makes life exhausting leaving little or no room for you to live the life you're yearning for.

Imagine the type of life you could enjoy if you weren't so focused and worried about what people might think of you?


What would you do differently if you learnt the skill of saying a healthy no and full healthy, aligned yes?


What type of relationships could you have if you embodied and understood that boundaries support true connection?


What choices would you make if you trusted that it is safe for you to change and grow?


How freeing would it be if you could develop a level of self-trust and self belief that helped you replace fear with faith?


This is what we do in my Reconnect programme.

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enter Reconnect

The holistic learning, coaching and mentoring group programme to support you to stop playing the good girl and mature into the powerful woman you truly are.  It's time to stop stalling and start soaring! 

Unleash your true self and full potential with the potent blend of self-connection coaching, shadow work and project management. Here’s how:

how do results like this sound?

"what Sadie offers is about building a solid emotional and spiritual foundation which enables self-trust and self-worth to flourish. It encourages you to get to know, connect with and understand all facets of yourself, which I have found incredibly helpful for following my purpose."

Ruth P

When did life get so unsatisfying and exhausting?

You know you’ve outgrown your life but you’re scared to try something new because, well  - it's new and new is scary!

So you’re stuck living in what feels like Groundhog Day tolerating work, relationships and environments that are starting to feel like a cage.

On the surface, you’re ticking all of life’s boxes and yet, that creeping sense of something missing keeps haunting you. You know you are meant for more.


You’ve spent your whole life playing by the rules and doing what’s expected of you, and yet you find yourself feeling resentful, frustrated and looking around your life asking “ this it?”

🧺Poor boundaries leave you feeling responsible for everyone else's happiness and having no energy left to tend to your own sense of joy. Instead, frustration, resentment and comparison feel plentiful.

⭐Everyone sings your praises, loving how you go over and above to get shit done, yet you constantly feel not good enough, over compensating for self doubt and a loud inner critic.

🎢You'd love to take your business, your career or your side hustle to the next level - if only you could just get started - instead you're stuck spinning your wheels whilst everyone else seems to be racing ahead with ease.

⏳Time feels like it's running out, yet you feel stuck in the same place - frustrated that a never-ending to-do list is keeping you from how you really want to be spending your time. 

📚All the podcasts, books, workshops and courses you’ve invested in have given you more questions than answers, leaving you more confused and frustrated, wondering it perhaps you're the problem (spoiler alert - you're not, the system is).

🚧You know what action would help your life feel more life your own, but you don't feel you have the resources - time, energy & focus to get to work sustainably.  It all just feels too much to do alone.

Together, this toxic blend is making you feel irritable, resentful, bored and grumpy when you want to feel vibrant, stretchy and meaningful - alive. 

You have a right to feel alive and live a life you enjoy - a life built around what matters to you.

And with support to make sustainable changes, you can live that life.



When K and I started working together she was feeling mistrustful in her relationship with money, uncertain over what direction to take with her multi-passionate business ventures and missing the joy that came from intentional time for creativity and restorative practices.
Together, we invited more trust, intuition and discernment into her life and created a clear plan of action that had plenty of space for joy whilst still getting what needed to be done in motion
Now, she's confidently navigating selling her flat to move to another country as part of a long-term strategy for financial security, supported by a fresh approach to money and how to work in partnership with it. 
She’s regularly showing up on social media to talk about her work and attract new clients; investing with discernment in the right support that will help her businesses grow and comfortable enough to have difficult but important conversations with loved ones about her needs and boundaries. 

what you get

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Reconnect is a group community with course content that you can work through in your own time backed up with 12 months of coaching, mentoring, seasonal connection circles and a holistic approach.


You'll begin with a 1-2-1 intention setting session to get crystal clear on what you want from the programme and the next 12 months


Work through 6 x self study modules designed to help you rewrite limiting beliefs and join fortnightly coaching sessions for targeted support


It's time to integrate learning and take to the dance floor! This stage of your journey is about being in action towards a not only a specific goal, but a whole new way of living.  


Your whole 12 month journey will be enriched jounreying alongside spirited, exceptional group members - just like you. 

Whats Included

what's included

👉🏻6 x self-study course modules within the Reconnect curriculum designed to give you the skills and knowledge required to rewrite old limiting stories and create new ones that work for you.

👉🏻Monthly 1-2-1 coaching sessions to get personalised attention and support to help you overcome challenges and boost your development. 

👉🏻Fortnightly group coaching calls for targeted support, troubleshooting, cheerleading and fine-tuning. There are multiple time slots available, calls will be recorded and you're always welcome to submit a question if you can't make a live call.

👉🏻Midpoint 1-2-1 session to create your unique and powerful personal project plan inspired by whatever you want more of from life. 

👉🏻1/4ly intention and planning sessions to help you get on track and stay on track with your plan. 

👉🏻Peer co-working and study groups sessions to feel supported and inspired to get shit done.

👉🏻Seasonal connection circles with each Solstice and Equinox event as a space for celebration, release and reflection.

👉🏻Access to a library of tools, resources, challenges, templates and guided meditation journeys. 

👉🏻 Membership to the Reconnect community

👉🏻 Ongoing access to the Reconnect resources for as long as the programme exists.



From the outside,  Ps life looked all under control - successful biz, happy family life and lots of things always on the go -  but underneath the surface, she was feeling suffocated by the pressure and weight of responsibility and had realised that in her efforts to be successful, she had lost a part of herself along the way.

In our time together, P has rediscovered what it feels like to be truly rested and prioritise time for herself without feeling guilty or waiting until she’s exhausted.
I used a combination of shadow work, mischief magic and self connection practices to support P find her way back to embracing her true, imperfect self who was innately worthy of rest, joy and fulfilment. 
Taking her time to go shopping for herself, by herself; solo lunch dates and rediscovering what it feels like to be her true, whole self - not just a wife, mother or business owner. In her words “I'm an exciting human being again who gets to do nice things”.

This newfound sense of identity and connection has spilt over into her business life too where the space to dream and be creative has led her to launch a new service idea that is fully aligned with her values and her vision - and all whilst making continuing to make time for herself a priority.

The Reconnect philosophy.

Here's how (and why) it works:


Begin with clear intentions

Your journey begins with an Intention Session and support resources designed to make sure you feel clear on what you want from the programme and why it’s important to you. 

This is the beginning of a coming home to your intuition, identifying whatever it is you want more of and committing to living life on purpose & with intention.

True transformation cannot be rush

Reconnecting with yourself is one thing, being in action as your true self is another and often where people stumble in attempting to put theory into action.


 The second half of the programme is focused on being in action.  You’ll have the skills, desire, confidence as well as the tools, mentoring and community to be in action toward the life you desire. 

Being is as important as Doing

Woven through the Reconnect journey there are pockets of protected space that are not for coaching or teaching, but to simply pause and reflect. 


And these spaces are just as valuable to your journey as they reinforce that connection to who you are and what you want.


the investment

💰The programme is £3,333 in monthly instalments of £278.*

If you are in a position to pay upfront, there is a 10% discount for a one-off payment of £2999.

Your investment includes:

👉🏻12-month group coaching, teaching and mentoring programme 
👉🏻 12 x 1-2-1 coaching sessions 
👉🏻 6 x self-study course modules 
👉🏻 Fortnightly group coaching calls 
👉🏻 1/4ly intention and planning sessions
👉🏻 1-2-1 planning session to create your action plan
👉🏻 Connection circles with each Solstice and Equinox 
👉🏻 Co-working & study group sessions
👉🏻 Ever evolving resource library access 
👉🏻 Membership to my VIP Client Club
👉🏻 All Access pass to any workshops or circle events I deliver during your time in the programme
👉🏻 Ongoing access to all recordings and resources

⚠This is an introductory price for a revamped offer and it wont stay this low for this long - so if this is speaking to you, now is the time!



What you are saying yes to

A stronger sense of who you are and what you want so you can make more aligned choices for fulfilling results.

More confidence so you can overcome self doubt and regain a sense of control over life.

Improved communication so you can speak your truth; build stronger relationships and ask for what you want.

Unlock your potential to take practical and intentional action for aligned results

Build the self acceptance and self trust to navigate life's ebbs and flows

Experience more fulfillment, joy, ease and satisfaction from finally living life, your way

Not having the clarity to know what you want and the confidence to be in action towards it is costing you - your time, energy, and money because without being connected to what matters to you, you’re never going to be who you are and have what you want.

Is it time to finally take back control and Reconnect?

Ready to get started? Sign up now to begin your journey today.

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"Sadie is a very supportive and intuitive coach and just seemed able to tap into what I needed most from our time together - she was able to meet me where I am and also encourage me to take some steps out of my comfort zone in order to head in the direction of where I want to be, as a business owner and as a creative person."


Ruth P Photo_edited.jpg

“If you are on the treadmill and hanker to reconnect but you are not sure what with or how, give Sadie a go. She'll gently but firmly support you to explore different planes with her own blend of beautiful yet practical magic. You'll become a nice person again - in your own eyes and other people's."



Im Sadie - self connection coach, shadow worker and child at heart

And I help women who want more from life to go get clear on what why really want from life and feel confident enough to go after it

I created Reconnect because  I’m passionate about helping people wake up from sleepwalking through their life and start to live on purpose.


I believe that few coaching packages go far enough to offer not only a space to learn new skills and rewrite old stories but also the opportunity to implement learning within a supportive community environment that is as much focused on being as it is doing.

I’m also great at creating and holding this space because as well as being a qualified & certified life coach, I’ve also got over 17  years of experience in projects, process improvement, and strategy development, oh -  and I’m a massive kid at heart too - always asking questions and inspiring mischief.

I’m a huge fan of TV shows set in space, epic book series filled with magic, and making shit art that no one but me gets to see, just for the joy of it. 

On days I’m not disrupting toxic productivity culture by inciting mischief, you’ll find me walking in the woods to consult with the trees or consulting with my cat and chief of cuddles,  Murphy.

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