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Could It Be Magic? 5 ways you can bring Magic into your life and supercharge your goals.

It’s easy to look at the success of others and believe it’s all down to good luck and great timing. Or to look at your own lack of progress towards your dreams as bad luck and lack of opportunity*.

What if there was another power at work to support you in getting you closer to your dream job or feeling purposeful?

I think there is MAGIC in the mix too and here’s how you can make your own....

Momentum - keep going, don’t give up.

Momentum comes from consistent effort over time in one direction and as it builds, you will begin to generate action and then results which in turn will build your momentum further.

The toughest part is starting out and putting energy and focus into just one or two goals at a time. Trying to focus on too many things at once splits your energy and reduces your momentum to move forwards on anything.

The Metamorphosis Magic of converting energy into action is also motivating – you start to see what is possible and feeling motivated will be your driver and keep your momentum from stalling.

Magic Journal Prompts - What are your real priorities? Is that where you are focusing your energy? What is motivating you to achieve your goals? What is impacting your motivation?

Action - be in action, always. Even in the smallest ways, find how you can keep moving forward.

Have a plan of action steps – the what, when and how of meeting your goal - keep reviewing and updating it to mark your progress and see results.

Show up for yourself, show up for your goals and ambitions. Nourish them with attention.

Doing even just one small thing every day towards what you really want will add up and move you forward. Passively waiting for your goals to come to you is the road to disappointment, there is no magic in being passive.

Being in action is the Magic of Alchemy – converting your efforts into results that feel great and inspire you on.

Magic Journal Prompts - What’s blocking you from being in action? What are you prioritising over your real goals? What can you stop doing or deprioritise to make space?

Gratitude - appreciate what you have in the here and now.

Adopting an attitude of having & being enough and thinking positively about your situation in the present is powerful magic. Like attracts like and feeling grateful will attract and bring to your attention more things to be grateful for. Brene Brown talks about this in her famous TEDx Talk - that being enough is the opposite of scarcity. Feeling that you are enough in the present is the strong foundation to move forwards from, no matter where you want to go.

Viewing your life through the lens of “have” rather than “have not” is Glamour Magic - you learn to find contentment with what you have and who you are rather than feeling the lack of what you are working towards. You find joy that is not reliant on external validation, success or material gain.

And that feeling, that’s what you need to keep hold of because it will give you the right energy to work towards success without feeling it’s the be all and end all. With that feeling, you are embodying a state of have rather than have not and the Universe will answer by echoing more of that have energy back to you

Magic Journal Prompts - What simple things around you can you be grateful for? Where can you reframe something to focus on the feelings of have over have not? What different language and behaviour can you start using that will help shift your mindset?

Intention - have clear goals and act towards them with purpose.

Be specific, write them down, keep writing about them. Keep reading and saying them. Keep telling yourself these things are true and of the now, not a distant future.

Words matter. Words have power. Incantation Magic is summoning to you what you desire and speaking it into existence. What you desire already exists and whilst affirmations have a bit of a hokey woo woo reputation, they are actually powerful spells that can weave magic into your day to day.

Magic Journal Prompts: What words are you using to frame your goal? Are you framing them in a positive way? What are you actually calling in? Do your words serve to truly express what you want? Can you frame your intentions as affirmations? Are there rituals and practices you can use to help you focus in on what your true intentions are?

Curious - be present, switch off auto pilot and be curious about what is around you.

My favourite as it’s perhaps the most powerful. Charm Magic – the magic of being enchanted and wanting to know more about something is the power to open doors; explore the world with new eyes and seek questions over accepting the answers handed to you.

Children are filled with charm magic – they want to know about everything and through this they explore the world in bold, joyful strokes. At some point we lose that curiosity and stop asking questions – the charm magic fades.

By bringing curiosity back into your life you can start to explore and connect with who you are; the world around you and your place it in. Curious is shaking off the sleepwalking spell and waking up to your true purpose and power.

Magic Journal Prompts: What signs are you being given? What leads can you follow? What feelings are coming up for you and where are they coming from? What are you feeling is missing? What are you drawn to explore further? What do you really want?

There you have the beginnings of your own magical toolkit – mindset and embodiment practices that can support you in achieving your goals.

You know what else helps with magic - an assistant! If you'd like a companion on your journey, book a free call with me here to explore how I can combine my magic with yours for powerful transformation.

*Caveat to add that privilege also plays a big part and should not be discounted as a factor of "success". A lot of us have being white, cis, hetro, able bodied, neurotypical etc playing in our favour too. That's why we need to combine our magic to smash white supremacy and the patriarchy.

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