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5 Books To Help You Unleash Your Magic

These are the top five books I recommend to clients because they are powerful, insightful, relatable and magical!

They are books that I have found transformational in my own life and that is something that is important to me – I only ever want to make recommendations to my coaching clients that I have found value in myself.

As women, we carry a lot of old stories about our worth and place in the world so these are books that will help you dismantle those old, worn stories and write yourself a new one (one where you are the lead character!)

So here we go – my top five books that will have you highlighting almost every page and nodding along as you read:

This book is perfect if you identify with the “Good Girl Persona” behaviours – people pleasing; perfectionism; rule following; seeking harmony and following logic over feelings.

Majo leads you through what she has identified as 5 myths of being a good girl and how many of the things we have been taught about what it means to be “good” since we were small are insidious patriarchal tools to in fact keep us small.

The book includes a quiz to help you identify your specific Good Girl persona; practical tips that can help you dismantle outdated rules and instead “unleash your power”.

My 2 top myths come out as Seeking Harmony and Self Sacrifice which totally explains my tendency to people please and avoid confrontation - similar themes I see coming up often with my clients, community members and friends - which is why I love working with women to unpack these myths because they hold us back so much!

This book blew up the internet when it was published in 2020 for very good reason – its POWERFULL.

Glennon takes us on a journey of her own discontent and shares how relating to the voice that came from within – her knowing – is what transformed her life. I love how Glennon talks about releasing the world’s expectation of her so she could reclaim her true, Untamed self.

Reading this through the summer of 2020 when the world was turning on its head was like a permission slip for me to just keep going with my passion for coaching. The way this book was speaking to me and so many other people I knew who read it simply reinforced that my work to support women step out of old stories and heavy external expectations was the right path for me – being Untamed is to embrace being a powerful woman.

This is for you if you are looking to shake off external expectations so you can embrace your true self – which is exactly what my Re:Connect group programme will be exploring with a small group of women in May. Sign up for more info straight to your inbox when I launch soon.

I love Brenè’s work and this is my favourite. This was the book that made me feel that it was OK to stand out and be different. It helped me understand the dynamics of shame and what courage really means. It was the book that helped me to unpick all the unnamed feelings I had around so many things – my sensitivity; my need to belong but also the discomfort I felt when trying to conform - and let me explore them in new ways.

Brenè writes from personal experience, but also from thousands of pieces of research and study – it makes her writing super relatable. Be warned though – once you’ve read one Brenè Brown book, you’ll be ordering the rest!

A stack of books including Playing Big; Braving The Wilderness; Big Magic; Untamed and Break The Good Girl Myth

Now, the subtitle of this one is Creative Living Beyond Fear and I initially thought this was not for me because I didn’t think of myself as “creative”. But the coach I was working with at the time read a section out and it gave me chills – it resonated so hard that I immediately bought the book and fell in love with it.

Big Magic is about shifting your perspective on what it means to be creative and building a relationship with your own inspiration. Big Magic is a beautiful journey through a collection of stories and chapters themed around trust, courage, enchantment and permission. For me, it was the key to unlocking the blocks I had about being a creative person – that this was not something anyone had to give me permission to be, it was mine to claim as my own.

This book is for you if you are interested in exploring what it feels like to be a creative person – to say yes to the signs and breadcrumbs that the universe is laying out for you and see where they lead (in my experience – they really do lead to magic)

This one was introduced to me by Lucy Sheridan and the first section of the first chapter had me feeling “Sadie, this was written just for you!!”. Similar to Break The Good Girl Myth, this book cracks open many of the stories we carry as women that keep us small so we can instead play Big and make things happen.

Playing Big lays out many of the ways in which women play small; uncovers what those old stories are rooted in (our good pal Patriarchy shows up, of course); and maps out tangible ways to build new stories so you can play big in your business, career, life and relationships.

This book is for you if you feel held back by a lack of confidence about your own brilliance (because, believe me – you are truly brilliant).


Want to go further?

Are you coaching curious? Have you found yourself late night googling coaches and self help books, downloading free workbooks and looking for inspiration to take you to a new level in your life whilst also feeling like you are not really sure what you want?

Here's a truth for you - whilst these books are great and super helpful, they only go so far. To make transformational change that sticks, it can be really powerful to work with a coach to support and cheerlead for you.

Here is your invitation to take this as a sign from the universe and follow the breadcrumb trail by booking in a FREE, no ties discovery call with me today. At the least, you will spend 30 minutes getting clearer on what you want/don't want and at the most - well it could be life changing.


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