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What is Home?

I’ve not been on my blog for a while and thinking about it the other day I pondered if perhaps it was because it was missing the flowy creative aspect that I love in writing – the topics were relevant and valid for what I want to share, but perhaps something deeper and more personal was called for?

The following is an extract from a free writing journal exercise on the theme of “home” that I wrote last year. I don’t quite remember the thoughts that sparked this particular entry, but re reading the words recently brought up a flood of emotions for me so I know that this writing is pure me – it’s my essence – something that will always be true and I may never have realised it unless I had got it down on paper.

And that is the power of journaling and free writing in particular. You don’t need to have a flare for writing stories, you don’t need fancy words - you just need to connect with the topic you are exploring and let the words flow out. You will tell your own story.


Home – 19.08.19

Home isn’t a place, it’s a feeling of belonging; of being held by your surroundings in peace and love. It’s discovering and rediscovering the ancestral hurts that have gone before you and vowing to heal them.

It’s uncovering the senses that feed your soul – the tastes, the aromas, the sound and sights that let you know this is where you need to be.

It’s the touch of the air and the feel of the land. Home is where your life is waiting for you. It’s where your soul sings. It’s what calls to you through the blood of your ancestors. It’s the deep knowing and wisdom that comes only from within and that you carry with your always.

Home is the life you build for yourself.

Home is the lands you travel and the stories of people you meet.

Home is new foods that soon become familiar favourites.

Home is a coffee in a bustling, sun drenched piazza.

Home is a walk along a quiet suburban stream surrounded by birdsong and leaf song.

Home is with you – in what is both said and unspoken. It’s the effortless dance of a meal cooked together. It’s in the shared laughter; repeated jokes and pre-empted punch lines. It’s knowing your words before you do. It’s overheard conversations with the cat and kisses on foreheads.

I am home, as long as I know these things - as long as I see their truth, feel them, hold them close.

I am always home.


I hope that brings to you some sense of what Home means to me and gives you inspiration to consider what Home means to you because a sense of Home is a powerful thing but can be underrated or taken for granted.

If you would like to explore what Home means to you and how you can build a stronger sense of it, or work with understanding what changes you can make to feel more at home within yourself, use this link to book in a complimentary discovery call.


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