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Antiracism Update Sept 2020

Back in June amongst the anger and grief following the murder of George Floyd (amongst too many others) I made some statements here abut my own commitment to antiracism here.

Since then, I have been working on better understanding my own white privilege and getting comfortable with some uncomfortable truths. I have also:

  • Worked through Me and White Supremacy by Lalya Saad including the daily journal prompts.

  • Joined the Patreon for Rachel Cargle Lisa Renee Hall and partially completed here Inner Field Trip and intend to revisit it in October.

  • Joined and have been active in an Anti Racism Mastermind with 3 other white female business owners so we can discuss & share what action we can take in our personal and business lives to do better.

  • Nominated myself as the Equality and Inclusion lead at my place of work and have commissioned a project into identifying what can be done to make our organisation more inclusive

  • Completed an Unconscious Bias training session

  • Actively participated and promoted Black Pound Day

I share this not for praise or recognition as those have no value in this work. I share these updates purely as a piece of accountability for myself and to demonstrate that these are important values to me an my business.

As such, I have committed to the following Equality Statement being a core aspect of my business and pledge to provide quarterly updates in the form of blog posts like this to ensure I remain accountable and active in this work.

This is a movement, not a moment and the work will last a lifetime but it is worthy; long overdue; much needed and essential if we seek to live in a world that is equal for all.



I stand in solidarity with Black and Non-Black People Of Colour, and all those that

experience racism and oppression globally.

I pledge my commitment to be actively anti-racist and a driver of positive change within my personal development; my work as a coach and within the coaching & well being industry in general – now and always. Silence is not an option.  

As a white, able bodied, cis gendered, hetero woman I recognise the privilege that these (and

other characteristics) afford me.

I have taken the time to reflect on these privileges and have committed to an ongoing educational journey through reading, listening, discussion, unlearning and relearning on both a personal and professional level.  

I realise that I can and must do better. In a time where so much of the future is uncertain, I want to ensure that I go far beyond paying lip service to movements such as Black Lives Matter by keeping promises and progressing with several points of action including:

  • Investing in my ongoing social justice education by working with racial justice educators and paying them for their work

  • Reviewing, updating and maintaining my business practices in the interest of remaining open, transparent and inclusive

  • Continuing to seek out and amplify marginalised voices and to never speak over, instead of or in place of them

  • Engaging in ongoing social justice work within my industry, community and peers to ensure I continue to expand my awareness and understanding

  • I will not speak on panels, host workshops, or feature on podcasts where people who look and speak like me are over represented

  • I will continue to research the businesses that I work and spend money with to ensure that their values, strategies and practises incorporate diversity and inclusion


I want to be held accountable for this pledge to drive positive change so will publish what I have implemented on a quarterly basis in the form of follow up blog posts that will be tagged “social justice”.

I invite you to join me in this work and am open to discussing it further and suggesting suitable resources that you may find useful.


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