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Self-Connection as a Business Strategy: Tips for Late-Diagnosed Neurodivergents

So you've discovered (or at least suspect) that your brain may be wired on the spicy side and now you're wondering "what does this mean for my business and how do I navigate life, works and manage my needs...?"

Welcome to a journey where self-connection becomes your ultimate superpower in the realm of business!

In a world that often celebrates conformity, our uniqueness is our greatest asset. Here are some ways that creating a self-connection practice can be your secret weapon for business success without burnout.

Embrace Your Neurodivergence

First things first – celebrate your neurodivergence! It's not a hindrance; it's your secret weapon. Being late-diagnosed means you've navigated the business world without the manual for a while, but guess what? Now that you know, it's time to embrace it.

You may feel that there are certain traits that hold you back and be prone to judge yourself for them - but learning how to embrace and work with your neurodivergence is going to create more ease and alignment than trying to ignore or deny it.

Focusing on fostering elf-connection can help you to better understand and accept yourself and spend less time shaming yourself and more time getting things done.

Self-Connection Practices

Let's talk tools – incorporating self-connection practices into your daily routine can be the secret to unlocking a new level of confidence and ease. Whether it's mindfulness, meditation, or a nature walk, find what resonates with you.

These practices aren't just for personal growth; they're the foundation of a thriving business - something magical happens when you spend time focusing on yourself and building a connection with your intuition, values, dreams and desires.

And the real secret here is not to take my word for what works but to play and experiment with what works for you. Revisit the things you loved as a child and do more of those, be open to new experiences and say yes more to opportunities. Trust your intuition and follow where it leads.

Project Management: Your Neurodivergent Ally

Have you ever felt like your brain is a chaotic jumble of ideas, all calling for attention so you end up starting so many things but the struggle to complete them? Welcome to the club!

That's where project management swoops in as your neurodivergent ally. Breaking down tasks, setting realistic deadlines, and planning in time for things like rest and play (so you can keep burnout at bay) is a surefire way to bring some much needed order to that creative chaos.

Organising chaos into order is one of my particular superpowers (thanks to 20+ years in project management), and you'll have your own version of this too. All it takes is the right tools, time set aside to plan and then the will to put those plans into action.

Simple, right?! And if all that feels impossible and out of reach for you, I invite you to book a Clarity Catalyst session where you can rent my project brain for 90 minutes for just £149.

Cyclical Living for Business Success

In a world that often demands constant hustle, embracing cyclical living is a powerful alternative. Recognise your energy cycles, and acknowledge the ebb and flow of things like your ability to focus and get things done; your preferences for how social you want to be and the times you need to shut the world out and be alone.

There are times to sprint and times to rest. Align your business activities with your natural rhythm – and that's something else that takes time and experimenting to discover what that means for you. Mapping things like your menstrual cycle (if you have one) is useful but also noticing how your energy changes through the day and the week; what impact do the seasons have on your energy and how do these things map against your business plans?

The more you can do to align the two - your own cycle and your business plans - the more opportunity you have to make the most of your energy peaks and prioritise guilt-free rest when you are in need of some TLC.

Shadow Work: Your Unseen Business Partner

Now, let's talk about the mystical realm of shadow work *cue spooky music*. Shadow work sounds mysterious and like a dark art but It's simply about connecting with and learning to embrace the parts of you that are hidden, unwanted or rejected.

Your quirks and challenges are part of the wonderfully weird masterpiece that is you - and they are worthy of being celebrated. Even things like your fears, your inner critic, perfectionist and inner people pleaser, are all parts of you that have important things to say.

Learning how to embrace your shadows and integrate these parts of you so you can turn them from saboteurs to allies will support you in building transformative business solutions.

Authenticity Sells

In a business landscape crowded with conformity, authenticity is your golden ticket - and I'm not talking about the shiny Instagram version of "authenticity" but the real deal that can be imperfect and messy AF.

People resonate with realness. Share your story, be open about your neurodivergence, and watch how authenticity becomes your magnet. Your uniqueness is your selling point.

A caveat here is that authenticity requires you to be vulnerable, and if you've been masking for decades, then you may not even be sure what the "authentic" version of you looks like. Conforming, masking and fitting in are all tools you have used to keep safe, and up to now, they have worked well. But if you want to grow your business, that's going to require you to stretch your comfort zone and do things that flirt with discomfort.

And this is why it's so important to have a foundation of self-connection practices for you to call on when you need to tap into confidence to show up; the resilience to keep going when things get tough, and the ability to master and tame your demons so they don't ruin your plans.

Thriving Without the Burnout

Burnout? Not in our vocabulary, not anymore! Thriving is the name of the game. By weaving self-connection into your business strategy, you're not just avoiding burnout; you're crafting a sustainable, fulfilling journey.

It's not about working harder but smarter, aligning with your true self. Burnout is what happens when you push through exhaustion for too long and don't make adequate time for rest and play and is deeply rooted in capitalism where we are only valued for what we produce and consume.

Thriving without the burnout of hustle culture requires strong boundaries, being in tune with your needs so you can honour them, and treating rest & time for joy not as an alternative to work, but as practices that help you thrive in your business. (check out this free resource on helping you get more R&R)

In Conclusion: Your Business, Your Magic

Late-diagnosed neurodivergent entrepreneurs, the world is ready for your magic - and it is so needed. Self-connection isn't just a strategy; it's a revolution. Embrace your neurodivergence, wield the tools of self-connection, and let your business thrive authentically.

Remember, the magic is in being unapologetically you. Your business isn't just a venture; it's a celebration of your uniqueness.

Here's to your success, your uniqueness, and the incredible journey ahead! 🚀✨


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