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the journal

Musings on both the light and the dark of living a bold and curious life.

hello there

Storytelling is a powerful way to connect with others.  It’s how we can share a piece of ourselves with others; find concepts and ideas that resonate – it’s a beautiful way to convey feeling and emotion.


It can also be a way to heal. Journaling and expressing myself through creative writing have been outlets for me to explore my darker side and as part of my mission to support women feel more connected to their whole self this is the space where I will share some of my musings.

So as well as coaching tips; posts about wellbeing and spirituality, you will also find some of my own creative writing; thoughts on feminism and its intersectionality; my journey to live a more sustainable life for the sake of our planet as well as my travel adventures too.


Because all of those things make up who I am.


I hope you enjoy peeking through through these pages of my

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Sadie xo

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