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Thrive Without Burnout

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Transform Neurodivergent Overwhelm into Clarity and Confidence with the magic of Curiosity
 90 Minute Workshop
🎫 Pay What You Can

There is a pattern I see when late-diagnosed neurodivergent midlifers start to explore their newly discovered spicy brain:


The more they uncover their true identity, the more the mask they have been hiding behind begins to slip.  

And the more the mask slips, the more exposed and vulnerable they feel; the more vulnerable they feel the more they fall back on the beliefs and behaviours that until now have kept them safe - they double down on conforming to societal norms and expectations.


They resort to trying to do more things, help more people and be of more value - all at the cost of their peace, ease and wellbeing.


They get stuck on the burnout wheel, and it just keeps spinning faster: the more you do, the more there is to be done, and the more there is to be done the more you feel like you're failing, and the more you feel like you're failing, the more you try to do. Welcome to frazzled squirrel mode.

There is a different approach to this.


Rather than following the conformity path, you can follow the Curiosity Path.


It’s a lot less toxic, a lot more easeful and a lot gentler on your nervous system so no more burnout (and no more frazzled squirrel).


This workshop will lift the veil on why you get stuck on that burnout wheel in the first place and how to finally get off it for good.

This workshop could be a perfect fit for you if you are:

  • navigating midlife and have recently had a “neuro-curious” moment of exploring your own potential neurodiversity

  • fed up of a loud inner critic/mean girl/perfectionist who knows just want to say to make you feel truly miserable about yourself

  • struggling to tell people NO and have very leaky boundaries

  • frustrated by the lack of progress on your big dreams and goals - where does all the time go?!

  • stuck in a pattern of boom and bust productivity which is leaving you frustrated, knackered and disappointed with the results

  • open to the possibility that there is another way of doing and being that is more aligned with your true nature and need for more rest & play

  • up for playing with magic, ritual and letting your inner child take the lead

  • ready to take responsibility for some of your inner demons and the healing they need

why curiosity?

Curiosity is the beginning of any adventure - big or small.  


As humans, we are naturally curious and without that drive to seek out understanding and new ideas, we can become stagnant and stuck in a rut.


Conformity is the antithesis of curiosity - it sucks the life out of the desire to understand and explore by demanding we accept the answers given to us and play the roles society demands of us.


And if you have spent most of your life till now navigating life with an undiagnosed spicy brain, then that conformity probably looks like being a good girl and buckling down to some hard work, toxic productivity standards and neuronormative ways of working.  

We begin to base our value on external validation and learn that safety feels like fitting in and playing by the rules.  We conform and our curiosity gets snuffed out. 

And without that curiosity, we get stuck in the same patterns and stories - even if a niggling doubt of "is this it?" and "why am i like this?!" teases that there is more to life, we struggle to implement change that sticks and always end up falling back into those familiar but toxic patterns.  


Exhausting. Frustrating. Disappointing. 


The antidote then for this potent spell of conformity? A return to curiosity

My theory is this: Following conformity is keeping you small by offering the facade of safety that comes from fitting in, and following curiosity can unlock true belonging and all the magic that comes with it.

Breaking that spell of conformity and unleashing your curiosity will support you to pump the breaks on your spinning wheel of burnout and connect with less toxic, more easeful ways of working and restorative ways of being.  


Join me for this 90 minute workshop where I'll share with you how it's possible to open yourself to trusting in finding safety and belonging outside of conforming to the status quo.


I'll introduce you to the 3 faces of curiosity; how each one can support you to shake off the shackles of conformity and how combined they unlock the powerful magic of belonging.

You'll discover ways, tools, practices and behaviours that you can easily weave into your day, week and month to make this not just a theory, but something you can start to implement and integrate straight away.

Are you ready to return to the Curious Path where there is a return to more ease, more joy and more opportunities to be your wonderful and weird imperfect self? No more frazzle squirrel, no more spinning on the burnout wheel - just the confidence and ease of being yourself.

what is it?

A 90 minute live zoom workshop exploring why we get stuck in toxic patterns of burnout and how to break free for good,


You'll also get a limited time replay and access to the  Curiosity Type Quiz.

say yes to freedom

how much is it?

This is a Pay What You Can (PWYC) Workshop with tickets starting at just £1 to keep the workshop accessible for all budgets.


You can also buy a full price £15 ticket if you wish.

When is it?

The next workshop is 18th July at 6pm UK time.


Can't make this one? Join the Waitlist to be the first to know of future dates

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