Practical Magic

Weave the practical with the magical in this 90minute coaching session

practical + magical = intentional action

One off 90minute  1-2-1 coaching session

Speedy, specific and spellbinding coaching to support you put intention into action. Practical plans, structure and organisation supported by magic and ritual conjured up in just 90 minutes. 

Ever have an idea stuck in your head but not sure where/when/how to start putting it into action?


Or maybe you have TOO many ideas, all vying for your attention and you find yourself flitting from one to the other, but not making progress on any of them. 


Or how about that thing where you feel like your to do list is running the show and you seem to have lost touch with restful, playful things that bring you joy.


Practical Magic is here to be the space and support you need to get clarity, control and connection so you can put your intentions into action in ways that feel good AND get the results you want, fast.

Book your 90minute Practical Magic Session now for £199*

*That's about $225USD $338AUD or €227 depending on exchange rates at time of purchase


What to expect in our time together

With 15+ years experience in process, project and change management I know a thing or two about plans, structure, being organised and getting stuff done.

Add to that my skills as a coach - my intuition, curiosity, passion for self connection and ability to ask just the right questions and you have a potent blend of the practical and the magical.

Together, we will get really clear on your intentions; the result you are looking to achieve and then conjure up a plan of action that will get you to where you want to be. 


And this wont be a jam packed, hustle, hustle hustle, get all the things done kind of plan that has no room for you being human.  

This will be a plan that has the space and time you need for both rest and play so you can avoid the traps of burnout and overwhelm, and still get to where you need to be.

You'll come away with a tangible, actionable plan of what to do next to get you where you want to be. 


You'll also be feeling focused, inspired, clear and motivated to get going. 


AND you'll pick up some tips, tricks and tools for long term sustainable action that you can come back to again and again. 

Begin your practical magic journey now for £199

*That's about $225USD $338AUD or €227 depending on exchange rates at time of purchase


I booked some time in with Sadie when I began feeling really overwhelmed by my workload and could not figure out when on earth I was going to find time in my week - between my kids and work - for connecting with myself.


She allowed me to reel off all my stuff, creating a brain dump of everything I have to do and then asked me questions that led me to structuring my week.


We’ve timetabled a week with plenty of roominess - opportunities for playtime and reconnection, as well as time working ON my business not just IN it.

Siobhan, Word Witch 

Book your Practical Magic Session In today for £199 and reclaim your calm and control now!


Need something more?

The Practical Magic Session is perfect if you need a little nudge in the right direction or some short term support to get back on track.  However, if you need something that has more oomph and capacity for transformation - you can find out about the Creatrix Activation offering here or my 6 month 1-2-1 Offering here