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Are you ready to take a curious deep dive into discovering your true self, opening the door to more magic and creativity in your life?

This Curious Life Coaching | UK self connection coach for neurospicy biz owners

Investing time, money and energy in yourself is a beautiful gift that will be the start of an incredible journey back to remembering who you are and have always been.

There are various ways we can work together so take some time to explore the options below. 


Looking for something a bit more bespoke? I love being creative so get in contact to see what we can brew up together. 

Choose Your Adventure

The "Dip Your Toe In" option - explore my instant access workshops, mini courses, journal workbooks and meditation library.


There's something for everyone!

This Curious Life Coaching | UK self connection coach for neurospicy biz owners

Join me on this group experience for a 7 money journey with intention guided by the moon.

Doors Open again Feb 2023

This Curious Life Coaching | UK self connection coach for neurospicy biz owners

a 6 month 1-2-1 coaching journey to support you on your next adventure.


Connect with the deep clarity and confidence that comes from aligning with your light and embracing your shadow.

This Curious Life Coaching | UK self connection coach for neurospicy biz owners

am I the perfect coach for you?

You are a heart led, creative business owner who is struggling with the demons of self-sabotage and you are tired of feeling held back.

You’re ready for more.

You’re looking to do more than passively wait for life to come to you as you cruise along on autopilot. It’s time for you to get back in the driving seat of life and explore a new path.

Hustle culture has you on the fast track to burnout and you are looking for a new way to be – one that not only allows time for rest and play but actually prioritises them.

There are so many plans and ideas whirling in your head, it can feel overwhelming and that’s holding you back from making a start on some pretty big plans

Self-doubt, a loud inner critic, imposter syndrome and perfectionism are holding you back from sharing your light with the world whilst hustle culture has you convinced you’re not doing enough. That’s a tiring, toxic cocktail, right?

You are magic curious and open to exploring how bringing energetic practices, tools and rituals into your world can support you in your business – awakening your creativity and unique viewpoint.

perfect coach

find your curious

As children we are naturally curious. 


We ask why (repeatedly); we point at things and ask “what’s that?”


Somewhere along the way, having answers becomes more important than asking questions and it’s easy to drift into a state of accepting the answers given to us rather than seeking more meaningful ones of our own. 


We fall into the patterns and behaviours of the social norms that surround us; we move from one stage of life to the other because that is what we feel we are supposed to do.


Then one day we may pause in a moment of stillness and ask “Who am I?”


That first rekindling of curiosity can be a spark that lights up your life. Curious doesn’t accept what it’s told, it asks questions; opens doors; lifts lids; presses big red buttons and generally keeps looking about for its next adventure – big or small.


Curious isn’t really about finding answers. 


It starts off that way – a quest for knowledge but soon you realise the joy and the excitement comes from the quest itself and not the end result.


There is always something new to learn, a new part of you to discover, or maybe rediscover.

This Curious Life Coaching | UK self connection coach for neurospicy biz owners

what's holding you back?


Money. It’s true - coaching is an investment of money, time and energy but how much is it going to cost you to continue to be stuck where you are? How much of your own potential is waiting to be cracked open and shared with the world? Investing in yourself with coaching can be transformational and if you would like to talk to me about a payment plan, I'd be happy to explore this with you also.


Fear.  I’ve got your back on this one - we all wrestle with that from time to time and I have found several ways to manage both doubt and fear. Taking one positive step forward with a connection call is a really simple way to safely explore the opportunities that could open up for you if your fears were under control. One step at a time.


Time. We find time for the things that are important to us and what is more important than you and your creative potential? Your coaching experience will be as good as the passion and drive you put in to it and if time management and overburdening is something you struggle with, then together that is something that we will help shift out of your way.


I’m still not sure.  No problem – I have been where you are now and know that this is a big decision to make and should not be rushed. Why not book in for a complimentary, no-ties connection call to explore further. I promise you no dodgy, pushy sales tactics round here.

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