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Are you ready to take a curious deep dive into discovering your true potential and live a more rewarding and fulfilling life?

This Curious Life Coaching UK | Life Coaching UK | Life coach for women exploring their true potential and embracing life without children

Investing time, money and energy in yourself is a beautiful gift that will be the start of an incredible journey back to remembering who you are and have always been.

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how do my life coaching services work?

We'll start with clever little questionnaire to help you dig deep into the areas of your life that you would like to work on further.  Even on its own this is a powerful tool to help you focus in on what is important in your life

Next, a complimentary 30 minute discovery session will allow us to get to know each other better and further explore your life goal areas. This is where we both find out how good a match we are for each other before committing further

We'll embark upon the signature 12-week coaching programme with 6 fortnightly 60-minute Skype or Zoom or phone sessions to work on your goals step by step.


Maybe you already have a clear goal in mind and need someone in your corner to give you a power boost and get you in action and moving forwards - then the super charged 4 week Goal Getter programme is made for you.

Whichever path you choose, there will be regular check in and journal prompt exercises from me via email to keep you tapped into your curiosity. I also offer support via Whattsap and/or Voxer for you to call on when you feel the need to share; need a boost or want to celebrate a win.  This is not just about us having an hour together every few weeks - this is me going ALL IN with you on your transformation journey.

You'll receive a customised client pack full of specially selected tools, resources and insights built up throughout our time together as your own take away and keep personal “coach in my pocket” reminder of how awesome you are and how far you have come during our time together

am I the perfect coach for you?

You feel that you want (No, NEEEEED) to do more with your time and energy

You’re looking to do more than passively wait for life to come to you – you are ready to get out there and grab it!

You are bored of being bored and restless – you're ready to discover who you really are explore how you can make a difference in this world 

You are fed up with a 9-5 existence and know you were meant for something more meaningful

You are ready to break free from the limiting believes and behaviours of people pleasing, procrastination and perfectionism 

You have a creative itch, a travel bug, a heart tug to be something greater and just need someone to help show you the way and cheer you on



Discovery Call

This is where we get to know each other and discuss your needs in a no obligation, no ties chat.



A complimentary 30 minute discovery call

A Curious Coaching Series

This is my signature offer as outlined above - a deep dive into exploring, defining and achieving some meaningful goals over 12 weeks.

6 sessions over 12 weeks at £989 

Goal Getter

If you already have a clear goal in mind and need some support to get you in gear and on the move, then this super focused and super charged service is going to light you up and get you soaring!

3 sessions over 4 weeks at £494

find your curious

As children we are naturally curious. 


We ask why (repeatedly); we point at things and ask “what’s that?”


Somewhere along the way, having answers becomes more important than asking questions and it’s easy to drift into a state of accepting the answers given to us rather than seeking more meaningful ones of our own. 


We fall into the patterns and behaviours of the social norms that surround us; we move from one stage of life to the other because that is what we feel we are supposed to do.


Then one day we may pause in a moment of stillness and ask “Who am I?”


That first rekindling of curiosity can be a spark that lights up your life. Curious doesn’t accept what it’s told, it asks questions; opens doors; lifts lids; presses big red buttons and generally keeps looking about for its next adventure – big or small.


Curious isn’t really about finding answers. 


It starts off that way – a quest for knowledge but soon you realise the joy and the excitement comes from the quest itself and not the end result.


There is always something new to learn, a new part of you to discover, or maybe rediscover

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what's holding you back?


I’m not ready!  If you have struggled for this long to find deeper meaning and purpose to your life, then why not take action now and start the journey towards where you know you want to be? – how powerful will it be to do something positive to move you forward?


Can I make the investment right now? Yes, coaching is an investment of money, time and energy but how much is it going to cost you to continue to be stuck where you are? What are things costing you right now that can be changed for the better? How much of your own potential is waiting to be cracked open and shared with the world? If you would like to talk to me about a payment plan, I'd be happy to explore this with you.


Fear.  I’ve got your back on this one - we all wrestle with that from time to time and I have found several ways to manage both doubt and fear. Together, we can bust through your own fears and get them out of the driving seat and you back in control. Taking one positive step forward with a discovery call is a really simple way to safely explore the opportunities that could open up for you if your fears were under control. 


Time. We find time for the things that are important to us and what is more important than you and your potential? Your coaching experience will be as good as the passion and drive you put in to it and that’s why we will spend quality time up front defining goals that will be motivating and pull at your heart strings. If time management and overburdening is something you struggle with, then together that is something that we will help shift out of your way.


I’m still not sure.  No problem – I have been where you are now and know that this is a big decision to make and should not be rushed. Why not book in for a complimentary, no-ties discovery call to explore further. (You can also download my free Ikigai workbook which will help you get clearer on what it is you are searching for.)


Thank you Sadie for your gentle insight and powerful unpicking of so many situations that up to now I was not even able to identify as holding myself back. You have given me so many tools and the confidence to use them to help myself.


I’m looking forward to exploring creative interests such as writing poetry and feel confident to give myself space and time to pursue this and other interests

Rosemary W