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I'm here to Speak UP for living a whole life that allows women to celebrate their light and embrace their shadow.

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Some examples of my published work & guest talks

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Disobedient Business Podcast with Pippa & Lucy Parfait

A mischievous exploration of the magic created when you bring intentional rest & play into your life & work.

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The Caregiver Coffee Chat with Melissa Miller

Creating a non-negotiable Self Care practice of self-connection as a way to look after your wellbeing

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Anotherhood - a space for women without children 

The challenges, wins and reflections of a childfree life

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Interview with Jobi Tyson of Tutum Global

Jobi interviewed me as part of her Childless Voices series about the stigma attached to being childfree by choice. 

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That One Thing With Vanessa Carlos

The importance and magic or your finding your inner child and your shadow as a business owner

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Bold As Love Podcast with April Boyd

April and I chat about how cyclical living can release you from the exhaustion spirals of toxic productivity.

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Guest blogpost for Sky High & Believe

How overthinking can hold you back and some tips for getting it under control.

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Her Purpose Podcast with Leticia Collins 

Making time for rest and play as an entrepreneur - why it matters and how to do it

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The power of connection as a childfree woman

My thoughts on how childfree women connect to themselves and purpose in a world that expects women to be mothers.


Radical Self Trust

Podcast Conversation with Kim Gray on the topic of Self Trust to support us in making decisions.

Being naturally curious I love considering and exploring the questions and viewpoints of other people.  I'm a creative writer and a natural conversationalist that enjoys engaging with audiences in different ways.


Contact me today to discuss and explore further how we could work together:

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