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The New Year Resolution Revolution

It's almost the start of a new year and traditionally a time to set resolutions. But why not try something different? Start the new year off right with revolution against modern conformity and embrace a return to more sustainable, natural and ancient ways of being

Whether you are still slinking around in a 'Twixmas haze or already back at your desk, you may have more than half an eye on 2023 coming fast around the corner and already feeling a bit twitchy around the “new year, new you” vibes that always come up at this time. Urgh…

The thing is, this is literally the middle of winter - a time when Mother Nature herself is deeply asleep and dreaming of the Spring.

New Years' Resolutions are 100% a sneaky minion of toxic productivity and hustle culture in that they insist that even in this most naturally restful of times, we must always be doing something.

What this tends to do is mean we end up bypassing the vital dreaming and reflecting time of deep winter, and jump straight into doing and taking action without really connecting to what it is that we want, or feeling energised enough to really get into it.

Then, inevitably we lose interest, momentum slips and we give up - blaming ourselves for not being able to see things through and quitting yet again on our goals. I promise you though First name, it's not you who is broken.

It is simply against our nature to act in this way and believe it's sustainable. A quick google will tell you that New Year's Resolutions have been around for some 4,000+ years and originated with the Babylonians (source).

What is more interesting is that their New Year began in March with the planting of crops - now doesn't that make so much more sense that setting them in January?! It's only in the last 400-ish years that they have been strongly associated with January1st.

What's really crafty is that the system isn't even broken, it's designed to work this way by keeping us disconnected from what we want and distracted by the empty promises of impossible standards in glitzy adverts cleverly crafted to sell us what we think we want and need.

So, how about we start an anti New Year's Resolution Revolution?

It's pretty simple really - Instead of jumping straight to “New Year, New You” come Jan 1st, you continue to use the rest of the Winter for reflecting and dreaming, so that come the Spring, you can feel connected and confident in what you really want and why it matters. Are you with me in the revolution, sister?!

And the best part is, it literally involves doing next to nothing! Sleep more, read more, play more. Go on long wintery walks without your phone. Start a new hobby or reconnect with an old one; spend time watching the rain and drifting into daydream. Take outrageously long baths; ponder the meaning of life and ask “what if…”. No targets, no goals, no trackers and certainly no cutting back on anything that brings you joy!

And if you would like some support with that reflecting and dreaming part, you'll find all you need in the Dark Moon Club.

Dark Moon Club is for people who want to take care of themselves and commit to a regular self-care practice - but also believe they don’t have time for it.

A monthly subscription service that delivers a curated set of lovingly crafted tools & practices straight to your inbox each month so you can create a regular practice of self-connection in just 30 minutes a month, and until the end of Dec, you can join for just £4.50 (about USD$5) with the signup code DARKMOONWELCOME.

Joining now would give you access to the current 2 months of content, plus the new content due in mid-Jan - three months of luscious self-connection practices for you to wrap yourself up in so you can awaken from winter inspired, connected and ready for action!

Join the anti-resolution revolution and reclaim your self-connection in the ultimate self-care power move - I'll be saving you a seat in the clubhouse!


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