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welcome to your uncaged life

There has to be another way, right?  You’ve tried the hustle life; the light and love path; you’ve read all the self-help books and followed all the shiny social media accounts - and still it feels like something is missing?

May I offer you an alternative approach? One designed especially for someone like you - the woman who wants more from life and is ready to swap overwhelm and boredom for self-connection and fulfilment.  You need some magic in your life…

Hi, I'm Sadie

I'm a qualified, certified UK life coach for women who are ready to embrace their truest self - the light and the shadow - and bring more magic and play into their life.   

I use my own personal and potent blend of magic - curiosity, empathy and intuition - to support women who want more from life to build self connection so they can get really clear on what they want and feel confident going after it.  You deserve to have more without paying the burnout tax

It's your time to switch off autopilot and get back in control of your life.

Sadie - a neuro spicy coach

awaken your curiosity and embrace your shadow. It’s time to play...

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My Services

Are you ready to find out more about my services and the transformational magic we could weave together?

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Contact Me

Want to take that next step? Book in a free Connection Call today and find out first hand what coaching with me feels like.

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Curiosity Shop

Have a wander round my curiosity shop - full of tools and resources to support you on your journey.

let your curiosity push open the door of opportunity. . .

Dear one, what has brought you knocking at my door? Here in the woods, off the beaten path of the mundane – something has enticed you to come and explore...

Perhaps you are tired of being tired; feeling burnt out from hustle culture & toxic productivity; your creativity is sometimes elusive and your life feels like it’s lost its spark.  How about together we weave some magic to bring more rest and play into your life – conjuring more time and space for a richer, deeper connection to your creativity.

Or maybe you have big plans in your heart but they are being squashed and held back by self-doubt & fear. Your inner critic (why so loud?!) and old stories about the need to be perfect have you thinking it’s not even worth starting because it will never be good enough, right? How about instead of working against your shadow side, you discover the powerful transformational magic that comes from embracing the darkness? (And if this idea feels scary – I promise you, you are totally in the right place and I'm here to hold your hand)

And how are all those societal expectations working out for you? The ones that dictate how to look; what to say; who to be? Yeah, they’re great right? – great at making you feel unworthy; not enough AND too much at the same time; stirring up all those unhelpful feelings of comparison and judgement. Together we can get you refocused on your own stuff – feeling inspired, confident and motivated by the magic of being yourself.  Totally uncaged and 100% you.

If you have already come this far off the road well-travelled and have heard the call to try something a little bit different – then what is one more step going to cost you?


Lean into the spirit of adventure and book in a free 15 minute connection call today. 

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