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welcome to your uncaged life

If you're struggling with navigating life after a late or self-diagnosis of ADHD, Autism or (like me) a bumper value pack combination of both (oh, hello AuDHD!); sick of feeling stuck in the freeze of overwhelm and exhausted from a lifetime of people pleasing - you have come to the right place to find connection, clarity and ease.

Hi, I'm Sadie

I'm a qualified, certified UK life coach and late diagnosed AuDHDer (combination Autism and ADHD - fun!).   

I use my own personal and potent blend of magic - curiosity, empathy and intuition - to support late diagnosed spicy brainers to gently remove the mask you've been hiding behind and learn to embrace the gifts that come from your wonderfully weird and unique brain. 

It's time to explore and understand who you really are so you can start living life on purpose.

Sadie - a neuro spicy coach

awaken your curiosity and open the door of opportunity...

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Dear one, what has brought you knocking at my door? Here in the woods, off the beaten path of the mundane – something has enticed you to come and explore...

Perhaps you are tired of being tired; feeling burnt out from hustle culture & toxic productivity; your creativity is sometimes elusive and your life feels like it’s lost its spark.  

Or maybe you have big plans in your heart but they are being squashed and held back by self-doubt & fear. Your inner critic (why so loud?!) and old stories about the need to be perfect have you thinking it’s not even worth starting because it will never be good enough, right? 

And how are all those societal expectations working out for you? The ones that dictate how to look; what to say; who to be? Yeah, they’re great right? – great at making you feel unworthy; not enough AND too much at the same time; stirring up all those unhelpful feelings of comparison and judgement. 

If you have already come this far off the road well-travelled and have heard the call to try something a little bit different – then what is one more step going to cost you?


Lean into the spirit of adventure and book in a free 30 minute connection call today. 

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