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welcome to your uncaged life

curious coaching for  women dreaming of a bolder life

I'm a qualified and certified UK life coach for women who are ready to shake off external expectation; embrace their truest self and live a life of deep and meaningful fulfilment.  

​I use my superpowers of intuition, empathy and curiosity to support you to uncover your own superpowers and step boldly into living the best version of you possible.

let your curiosity push open the door of opportunity. . .

More and more of us are beginning to enter a world that is beyond the traditional roles and responsibilities of women.

And yet, many of us still carry the weight of expectation; old stories about what we should be doing; and beliefs, or behaviours that keep us small.

So, what if instead of feeling like you have settled, you could break free from holding back and instead live an uncaged life full of potential and purpose?

You can live a life filled with the choice and freedom to be your own truest self. 

You can feel proud and grounded in who you are and what you stand for.

​So what are you waiting for...?

My life coaching clients are women who by choice or circumstance are embracing a child free life and want to explore their potential. Read more about my life coaching services

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Curious coaching for childfree women dreaming of a bolder life. I am a life coach based in Surrey working with woman across the UK and internationally

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Choosing a life coach is a personal decision - here's why I'm the right life coach for you.

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I was trying to create a new path, searching for a new direction in my life as I was feeling a bit lost.


I knew I wanted to progress my career, but at the time I first met my coach something much deeper and complicated was effecting me.


I wanted to explore aspects of my life that weren’t quite right and shift my mentality and after my sessions with Sadie, my career path and certain aspects of my job that I enjoy have been confirmed.


I feel clearer about what I want to do and therefore I feel like my career and values have crystallised.


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