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welcome to your uncaged life

If you're grappling with the complexities of life following a late or self-diagnosis of ADHD or Autism, weary of being ensnared in the paralysing grip of overwhelm, and drained from a lifetime of people-pleasing, then you've arrived at the perfect destination to discover connection, clarity, and ease...

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Join a Connection Circle

Monthly connection circles for late diagnosed neurodivergent mide life women to gather and be seen, heard, held and healed

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Coach with me

Ready to embrace an unmasked and uncaged life?  Discover more about my 1-2-1 coaching services and embrace your Curious Life.


Hi, I'm Sadie

As a certified UK life coach and a proud member of the late-diagnosed AuDHDer club (that's the dynamic and contradicting fusion of Autism and ADHD), I bring a different blend of spice to the table - the magic that comes from embracing your weird and wonderful uniqueness.

I've nurtured my own potent blend of magic, fuelled by curiosity, empathy, and intuition – to guide other fellow spicy brainers on a transformative journey.  


It's time to say goodbye to the masks you've been hiding behind and hello! to the vibrant authenticity that defines your true self. 


Together, we'll rediscover and celebrate the kaleidoscope of parts that make up who you are, peeling back the layers of unhelpful beliefs and uncovering the true brilliance of your beautifully unconventional mind.

Imagine what could be possible if you were to embark on a journey of self-discovery, where you get to embrace the magic within? With me as your guide, we'll unlock the door so you can start living an uncaged life on purpose.

Sadie - a neuro spicy coach

awaken your curiosity and open the door of opportunity...

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Dear one, 

What's prompted you to venture off the beaten path to find me here, away from the noise and monotony of everyday life? Clearly, something has stirred your curiosity...

Navigating midlife is challenging enough, but discovering or being diagnosed as neurodivergent later in life can feel like an avalanche of overwhelming experiences. Suddenly, you're faced with answers you never knew you needed, yet at the same time swamped with profound questions about who you really are and what you want from life.

And still, somehow you’re expected to crack on with life - keeping everyone else around you happy; keeping up with societal demands and trapped in the constant cycle of comparison and self-judgement. Life can quickly become exhausting. 

So, it’s no wonder you’re tired! Weary of concealing your true self; of conforming to others' standards; keeping up on the treadmill of toxic productivity and fatigued from living life behind a facade.

Or maybe you harbour ambitious dreams, but they're suffocated by the weight of self-doubt and fear. Your inner critic seems relentless, echoing old tales of perfection that convince you it's not even worth trying.


So, instead you keep yourself small.

If you've ventured this far off the conventional path and you're feeling drawn to explore something new, what's stopping you from taking that next step?

It's time to say yes to that flicker of curiosity and stride boldly towards an unmasked and uncaged future.


Let's embark on this journey together – schedule a complimentary 30-minute connection call today, and let's uncover the magic awaiting you!

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