I'm here to Speak UP
for women looking
for purpose.

I'm on a mission to normalise and demystify the choice to not have children and support women feel grounded in their choices; certain in their identity and purposeful in their lives.


As a childfree woman myself, I know what it's like to walk the road less travelled and am passionate about spreading the message that motherhood does not equal womanhood.

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Speaking topics

Examples include but are not limited to:

  • Being Childfree in a world expecting women to be mothers: Navigating intrusive questions; owning your childfree lifestyle; making the most of your time, energy and passion to feel purposeful and fulfilled.

  • The 3Ps: Understanding how people pleasing, perfectionism and procrastination show up in our lives and how getting in touch with our inner voice can help dispel them.

  • Imposter Complex: How to recognise and manage the self-sabotage of imposter complex and how it can actually be a positive sign.

  • The Power of Purpose: Not being mothers opens up infinite roads of possibility and is an expansive path to fulfilling purpose outside of parenthood.  I have much to share on the Japanese concept of Ikigai and how it can be the path to fulfilment

  • Discovering your inner compass: How to get in touch with your inner compass through discovering and living your values.  A simple but powerful life tool to tap into what’s really important to you and how it can steer your decisions and actions.

  • Surviving life as a sensitive introvert.  The world is built for extroverts so being an introvert is hard, harder still if you are also a highly sensitive person (HSP). I love sharing how I came to value my introvert superpowers and realised they were a strength, not a weakness.

As seen & heard in...

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The power of connection as a childfree woman

My thoughts on how childfree women connect to themselves and purpose in a world that expects women to be mothers.


Radical Self Trust

Podcast Conversation with Kim Gray on the topic of Self Trust to support us in making decisions.

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Anotherhood - a space for women without children 

The challenges, wins and reflections of a childfree life

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Reframing January

A guest blog post for Gina Friel on how I reframed January as a month full of Sundays to make it more easeful and less stressful

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Guest blogpost for Sky High & Believe

How overthinking can hold you back and some tips for getting it under control.

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Interview with Jobi Tyson of Tutum Global

Jobi interviewed me as part of her Childless Voices series about the stigma attached to being childfree by choice. 

Available for interviews, guest blogs and articles

  • I've run the gauntlet of being a highly sensitive introvert in a world that loves extroverts and have earned my stripes with finding my voice and speaking my truth.  It took 40+ years and a couple of burn outs to learn how to survive and that is something - those tools and lessons that I want to share.

  • Being naturally curious I love considering and exploring the questions and viewpoints of other people.  I'm a creative writer and a natural conversationalist that enjoys engaging with audiences in different ways.

  • As the sample speaking topics suggest, I am passionate about being childfree and the power of feeling purposeful, connected and aligned. However, I can submit proposals, suggestions and recommendations ahead of each speaking engagement to ensure they meet the needs of you and your audience.


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