Which Imposter Are You? (and how to feel less fake!)

Which Imposter Are You? (and how to feel less fake!)


Imposter Syndrome (or sometimes Imposter Complex) is that feeling of being a fraud - no matter how skilled, knowledgable or experienced you are - that little voice is there telling you that you're a fake and someone is going to find you out. 


This workbook will take you through a fun quiz to identify exactly what type of Imposter you are (did you know there were 5 different ones?!)  and then give you some specific tips to defeat those feelings of fake so you can feel more fabulous!


It will also support you to create a simple 5 step plan so you can put words into action and make a tangible difference to you and your goals. 


This is a 7 page workbook that you can print or work from on a screen. 

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