Starting Over

This weeks guest blog is from Tiffany Johnson of The Female Phoenix.

Tiffany Johnson is a straight talking, no fluff Business Coach working with female founders across the country.

She is an advocate of showing up as yourself online and empowering women to see that you can have a small business and a big personality!

Tiffany is NLP & CIPD qualified with a MSc in HR Management and seventeen years’ experience in corporate sales.

Through her coaching and workshops, she aims to arm women with the skills and confidence to carve out their career in whatever way feels right for them.

It is true what they say, when you walk down the aisle you never think for one minute, you’ll get divorced. Yet the latest ONS figures in 2019 tells us it happens to 42% of marriages, naïvely I never assumed I would fall into those statistics.

I married my childhood sweetheart and had the most perfect wedding I had always dreamed of - what could possibly go wrong? Well, when you think about it, is it too big of an ask for two people to go through their entire lives and always grow together and never grow apart? Who knows?

For anyone who goes through a separation or divorce you will know that it is many things; life altering, it deeply affects your sense of self and makes you question everything.