Notes On Figuring It Out

A guest blog from Brigid May

Brigid May is currently a human trying to figure out her life through writing, photography, and the other arts.

She's not quite sure what the answers are yet, but when she finds them, she'll let you know.

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There’s just so much to figure out, isn’t there?

It feels constant. When we’re born, we’ve gotta figure out how to do the essentials: swallow, sleep, walk, talk, use the toilet (that’s essential!). We get older and we’ve gotta figure out how to get dressed, eat with a spoon, form coherent sentences.

We figure out how to create social relationships, navigate school. Then it starts getting more complicated: driving a car, dating, studying, finding a job, having sex, navigating more dynamic and more complex relationships, friendships, jobs! It’s all just a lot!

But eventually we figure those things out.

And then there is something new to figure out. Figure out how to get married or how to not get married. How to maybe get un-married. Figure out how to have kids or how to very intentionally not have kids. Figure out how to support yourself on an income, find a place to live, maybe add some houseplants and pets into the mix.

Once we have something mastered, there’s always something new to figure out.

Currently, I’m completely overwhelmed by what needs to be figured out: How to live in a pandemic. How to manage pandemic anxiety and depression. How to handle work burnout from living in a pandemic. God, there’s a theme.