My Coaching Services - the details

I tend to make decisions based on intuition and instinct but I know many other people prefer to have lots of information and details to help them make decisions. If you are in that second camp and are looking for more info on my coaching services - I got you! Here is a deep dive into the very different journeys offered within each of my coaching services to help you decide which is the right one for you.

Curious Coaching Series:

This is my signature coaching offer and its suitable for anyone - whether you already have clear goals in mind or still need help finding your direction.

So what's involved?

We will start with a 90 minute introductory session to make sure we have enough time to cover all the good stuff including:

  1. Your responses to the initial questionnaire

  2. Start to consider the goals you want to achieve and why they are important

  3. Discuss how the rest of the coaching sessions will work

  4. Answer any questions you may have

After that, the following 4 sessions (one every two weeks) will each be 60 minutes long and will be entirely focused on whatever it is you want to achieve which is typically 1 to 3 specific goals that we will agree to work on based on your questionnaire responses.

Our last session will be a glorious celebration of all that you have achieved as well as me making sure you have everything you need to continue your journey solo. Alternatively, we can also discuss setting you up on a new adventure with another series.... I'm game if you are!

I've seen over and over that this format really does work to get women like you nearer to the life they dream of and I know it can work for you too. So, are you ready....?

Goal Getter:

If you already have a goal, project or objective in mind and need some support, cheerleading, accountability and strategising to get you there, then this is the service for you.

When we have something big (maybe it even feels too big?) we want to do, it’s easy to waste time and money going in circles without making any headway. We worry about making a wrong step or getting lost along the way.

The Goal Getter series is all about making sure you are setting out towards your goal with a good solid idea of what you want to achieve; a strong sense of resilience that you can face whatever challenges may come up along the way; and a good plan of action to get you where you need to be. I promise you, it really can be as easy as 1, 2, 3.

The first session will be a 2 hour block buster where we will work together to fully understand what it is you are looking to achieve and why; what your starting point is and the tangible actions needed to get you really moving. This is about forming a strategy for you that gives clear direction and a firm foundation to build from. It's where we get to the heart of WHY this goal is so important to you, because being clear on that will be your guiding star once you head out to the high seas!

The second session will focus on the scary stuff so that it becomes less scary and totally manageable. We will talk risks, issues and gaps so you are ready for any nasty surprises that may try and derail you on your mission. I'll make sure you are all set with tools you need to survive any storm and stay on course.

Then, in our third session we will get into detail - the how, when, what and who - the real bones of your action plan so you will be fully equipped to really make progress on getting out of just dreaming and into action.

If you still have questions, head over to my Contact Page to drop me an email and I'll happily have a no ties chat about your needs.