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10 Reasons you may not want me as your coach

Coaching is dependent on building a good relationship between coachee and coach so its really important you pick a coach who is suited to both your personality as well as the goals you want to achieve. Here are some reasons I may (or may not!) be a good fit for you.

I want you to feel that you are in a safe pair of hands

1. I’m still working things out, making mistakes and learning as I go… but that’s OK because I know the direction I’m heading in; I have a purpose that drives me; I have my values to guide me and some goals to aim for. The rest is all just intuition and flow. I’m yet to meet someone who really does have it all worked out and am always a bit dubious of people that act like they do. Its so easy to get sucked into the highlight reels we see on social media without remembering that behind the scenes we are all still figuring it all out.

2. I’m a people pleaser in recovery. I don’t think it’s something that ever goes away, but it is a habit I’ve learnt to identify, anticipate and manage so it no longer takes over. People pleasing is a joy and time stealer. It makes us put our own needs and desires second behind those of others; It steals our voice and kills dreams. Nope. Not here for that at all - and I have a kick ass toolkit up my sleeve to keep me from slipping into those goal limiting behaviours.

3. I’m also a recovering perfectionist. It used to be really REALLY important for me to get every detail juuuuuuust right to the point of not actually ever finishing something, (if you don’t put it out there, not one can judge it, right?) or living in constant fear of being judged for making a mistake (a typo? The horror!!!). Now it’s progress over perfection every time (mostly); being brave and bold and vulnerable. Stepping out in to the world and saying “Hi, this is me being imperfect and loving it”. Imperfect is curious about just giving something a go and not worrying about the results. Imperfect is real. Imperfect is free.

4. I ask difficult questions. As a coach, I’m not here to nod along passively whilst you tell me why your dreams feel out of reach. I’m going to get curious about getting into the deep, deep things that really drive you and get *you* to challenge the limiting stories you have told yourself that Just. Aren’t. True.

5. I’m going to keep you accountable for your actions. It’s just part of the deal I’m afraid. If you have a dream and identity what actions are going to move you towards it then it’s my job to keep you moving. There will be no letting things slide - you can believe I’ll be checking up on your homework.

6. I love all things divine, mystic, holistic and a little bit woo-woo. I have been on my own spiritual awakening path for a few years now and the positive impact it has had on my life is undoubtable. For me, our energetic body is just as important as our physical body. My intuition and empathy are superpowers that I use daily and I’m protective of those gifts, using self-care and meditation to keep my emotional energy topped up and positive. I also know it’s not all love and light – there is shadow at play too, and honouring that shadow side of us takes self-love and awareness over just lighting candles and burning incense. But that shadow work – that’s the really powerful stuff that lets you know what you are really capable of. Getting to know that side of you is what sets you on the path to clear out blockages and fear. Its where the magic happens and you wont even need a cauldron (cats are optional).

7. Whilst I love big dreams and big visions (hello, dreamy Pisces – see Point 6), I’m also pretty practical and will challenge you to do likewise. Big dreams are only really exciting if you have a plan of action to get there that will move you forward. And that plan also needs to be realistic and achievable - I’m never going to set you up to fail. Dreams are what drives us but action is what counts in those dreams becoming reality.

8. I’m not a go big or go home; hustle till you die; work/eat/sleep/repeat kind of girl. I’m all about finding what comes with ease; what lights you up and sparks your passion; working smarter not harder so you can have as much play time as work time. Hustle is great and has its time/place but for someone who has experienced burnout, its just not a sustainable way of working for me. I want to have space and freedom in my life to do the things I love doing – travel, read, write, spend time with my husband, cuddle my cat as well as work in a job that inspires me. I believe both are possible without 24/7 hustle and I want the same for you too.

9. I’m not going to do the work for you and I won’t have all the answers you are looking for. I’m here to be your cheerleader, guide and even a mirror so you can see your true self but all the really powerful juicy stuff that will make you feel invincible - that’s all going to come from you. Coaching is about being shown what you are capable of and then being set up to go get it for yourself as we cheer you on. If someone is promising they can give you all the answers without you having to put in any work… well, lets just say I’d put them in the same camp as junk mail that tells you about a lottery win even though you didn’t enter it!

10. I’m a highly sensitive introvert who gets pretty uncomfortable putting myself “out there”. But I can and do when I need to, because that uncomfortable bit - it’s temporary and relative. Once you move through it and get used to it, that becomes your new normal and you realise you’re capable of doing more than could you ever dream you could.

If you got this far and think that I could be the coach for you – well done, we are going to get on great!

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