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Moon Magic

It's time to make time for YOU 

This is your invitation to join me each month under the Cloak of the Dark Moon for sacred self connection

Join The Dark Moon Club here

Image by Annie Spratt

What's Included

Each Month, Dark Moon Club members receive

a Guided Meditation

Journal Prompts

Mini Self Connection Ritual

Yoga at Home

Who is the Dark Moon Club for?


The Dark Moon Club rituals and experiences are a practice that you can dedicate purely to you.

Away from the demands and stresses of life, family, work - this is time when you can indulge in exploring the parts of you that often get pushed aside because of others demands.

This is for any woman who has ever felt they never get to really be themselves; are not seen or heard.

This is for you sister.

Yoga at Home

Hi, I'm Sadie - Life Coach, Workshop Facilitator and Space Holder.

I love the magic that is created by intentional self connection as an antidote to life's autopilot. 


Life Coaching for women is my purpose - it lights me up and fulfils me after many years being a perfectionist people pleaser with a love of procrastination!


And now I walk a different path, one which is lit by moonlight and paved with curiosity.  It is the road to purpose and fulfilment.


I have found firm footing on my own path so I can support other women to navigate theirs, free of the weight of external expectations and with a little twist of magic here and there too.


If you would like to explore other ways of working with me, I would love to hear from you.


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