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reawakening Lilith


Meet Lilith

The first woman. Hidden from history because of her feminine power and potential, her story corrupted and demonised to mask the true strength of a woman who is determined to walk her own path.

She calls to you now as she awakens and invites you to unlock your own inner Goddess.

Explore the power of Lilith and discover the secrets that can transform your life in this new workshop offering

Discover how to go from Good Girl to Goddess in 90 Minutes!

Next Workshop Date:

Thursday 11th Feb 2021 7pm GMT

Why we need Lilith now

In a survey of people who identified as people pleasers, one third of them agreed that standing up for themselves was a major cause of anxiety. Over half of them carry a story about not feeling good enough and an incredible two thirds would pretend their feelings were "ok" so as not to rock the boat or make others uncomfortable.

​To be honest, I was not surprised by these high numbers as these were feelings and situations that I was all too familiar with. 


As a people pleaser for most of my life, I had gotten all too used to accepting that putting others first came at the cost of putting myself second and living with the anxiety of uncomfortable situations which led to putting things off and not speaking up for myself. 

​It's an all too common phenomenon, especially amongst women who identify as people pleasers or good girls, and it leaves us exhausted, frustrated, resentful and further from our goals and dreams than we desire to be.

So, let me
introduce you

to Lilith.

Many if not all of us will be familiar with the story of Eve, Adam and the Garden of Eden, but do you know about Lilith - Adam's first wife?

In this 90-minute workshop, you will discover the Lilith story and how she holds the secret for modern women to let go of limiting people pleasing behaviours and step into their true power. 

  • Discover the power of using archetypes (Maiden, Witch, Goddess etc) as a way to objectively look at your behaviours, drivers and habits. Identify which are holding you back and why

  • Meet Lilith - the original rebel who has many lessons for modern women on how to be autonomous and whole without the need for external validation

  • Unravel the story of a woman who defied a god and chose to walk her own path rather than live in the gilded cage of paradise that would not allow her to be her true self

  • Learn how to overcome the limiting, self-destructive behaviours that hold you back and instead embrace a bold and powerful sovereignty 

  • Awaken your own inner Goddess and shake off forever the Good Girl behaviours that keep you feeling small.

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I'm really grateful I was able to participate in the Lilith workshop. It was a beautiful journey into myself, which allowed me to look at my way of being through an innovative way.

Recognising my patterns and acknowledging them in a soft and gentle way, left me curious to explore more about archetypes. Many thanks for commencing such an interesting gathering!

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Image by Martin Adams

What to Expect

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  • A 90-minute LIVE Zoom workshop which will cover:

    • How archetypes hold the key to understanding our behaviours, drivers and habits

    • Learn the story of Lilith and how her tale is a mirror for modern day women

    • Uncover the three faces of this misunderstood but powerful Goddess - dormant, shadow and divine. 

    • We will explore how each of these faces show up in our behaviours; which ones are harmful, which are limiting and which can serve to make us stronger and bolder

    • How to create an action plan to move you forward towards your goals as you embrace your inner Lilith strength and wisdom.

  • A recording of the workshop to keep and watch back whenever you want - for life!

  • A workbook full of journal prompts and exercises to support your ongoing deeper work of exploring Lilith​

  • Links to Lilith related podcasts, playlists and meditations to expand your learning and experience beyond the workshop. 

Next Workshop Date:

Thursday 11th Feb 2021 7pm GMT


Meet Your Host

Hi, I'm Sadie - Former Good Girl gone Witchy...

Life Coach, workshop host, sister circle space holder, embracer of all things woo and cheerleader for women who are on a path to discover their own inner magic.

A life long people pleaser, perfectionist and procrastinator, I have found a different way to be which is values led; purpose driven and full of curiosity.

I have found firm footing on my own path and now support other women to navigate their own path that is also free of the weight of external expectations. 


I've got the map, you've got the compass.  Let's get you your power back

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