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The Power of Ikigai

There is something wondrous that happens when you start to live your life in a more purposeful and intentional way - and thats exactly what Ikigai is.

If you are ready to find your own Ikigai, I have a worksheet that will lead you through that discovery process and leave you with a tangible set of practical steps to start working on.

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50 Journal Prompts

For me, discovering the power of journaling was like unlocking the secret to understanding myself on a deeper level than ever before. 

By simply getting ideas out of our head and on to paper, we can look at them from a different perspective and get a deeper clarity on what it all means. 

Journaling lets you tap into your subconscious and the root of your emotions.  It's such a powerful but gentle way to explore our inner world and get answers to questions we didn't even know we had.  The power of being curious, right!

Download and use these pick and mix journal prompts and calls to action to dig a little deeper into different areas of your life.


It’s time to get curious and explore where you could be focusing more of your attention and making changes to live a fulfilling life.

7 Ways in 7 Days

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