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Creatrix Activation is a primer for connecting you with your inner creative spirit – so you can swap "boom and bust" toxic productivity for more restful and playful innovation and creativity in your business

Together we will brew a potent plan for you to move from simply surviving to joyously thriving in your business.

Get ready to discover the combined & powerful creative magic of rest and play...


Creatrix (kre-ai-trix)

noun - a woman who is deeply connected to herself and her creative energy

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Is running your business whilst feeling tired and joyless really what you wanted when you started?

No one tells you when you start your own business how much your creativity is going to come into play - even if you don't think of yourself or your business as creative.

​There are services, products, offerings to create for sure and there there's the social media posts, the newsletters to write, the blog posts to craft.


Maybe a website, a podcast, perhaps a book waits within you - not to mention the simple everyday problem solving and innovation required to function as a small biz owner on top of general life admin and perhaps even a day job too. 

Whether you realise it or not, if you have a small business, then you are being creative. 


And yet - in what ways are you nurturing that creativity? How are you ensuring you are not letting that creative well run dry?

Creativity is the opposite of survival.


To feel truly creative, we need to feel rested and playful, and yet so many of us are running our businesses in survival mode, fearing that if we take a break or do something just for fun, then we are not working hard enough.


It's a vicious cycle that keeps you both tired and creatively numb, creating more stress and self doubt.

The truth is, if you’re not prioritising time and space for things like rest and play - then you’re on the fast track to burnout.​ Here’s some of the signs you may already be in that space:


  • Comparison has you obsessing over what everyone else is doing, leaving you no energy to focus on your own stuff or feel confident in expressing who you are and what you have to say.

  • The trap of perfectionism has tricked you into believing that only an unrealistic standard is ever good enough – stifling your creativity and leaving no room for joy.

  • Your inner critic is loud and judgemental, holding you back from showing up and being seen, so even though you know what you want to be doing, your fear and self-doubt is holding you back from following your dreams.


  • You are spending more time consuming than creating - doom scrolling social media; buying all the books; listening to all the podcasts, doing all the courses yet never having the time to implement the things you learn.

  • You know you were made for more than mundane mediocrity, so how would it feel to bring some real and powerful magic into your life?      


So, what if there was another way? 


As counter intuitive as it may feel, the answer to thriving in your business is not in doing more - it is doing less and being more.   

Case Study

June S

Reiki Master

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If you are ready to discover how bringing more rest and play into your business can support your journey to success, sign up for Creatrix Activation

Practical And Magical Support

As well as being a qualified life coach with a background in project management and strategy; a trained meditation teacher; tarot reader and shadow worker, I also have a deep well of my own personal brand of magic. My practical skills are backed by intuition, empathy, curiosity and a childlike spirit that loves to come out and play with new ideas and what ifs.


Through Creatrix Activation, you have access to both my practical and magical skillsets, supporting and guiding you to confidently create space for more play, rest, creativity and success (whatever that looks like for you).  


Here’s how it works: 

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what to expect

Unique Deep Dive Discovery Questionnaire

2 x 2hr private coaching sessions

Time & space to integrate and implement

Voxer & email support between calls

2 weeks follow up support 

Exclusive resource portal of tools & templates


Flexible payment plans available

Email me to find out more

1. Discovery - the deep dive to discover where you are now. 

Once signed up, you'll get access to the Creatrix Activation Portal and a deep dive Discovery Questionnaire to explore your current rest & play practices as well as your relationship with creativity.

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Sadie is the best person to guide you - she calmly and assuredly supports you through a journey back to bits of yourself that may be lost, hidden or abandoned.

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As an over-scheduled and under-nurtured business owner, this is just what you need to help you show up for your life and for your business!



Thank you Sadie for your gentle insight and powerful unpicking of so many situations that up to now I was not even able to identify as holding me back

Gina Logo.png


Working with Sadie was one of the best decisions I made last year.


The whole coaching experience was connecting, powerful and, quite honestly, life changing

I only have four of these sessions available each month to ensure that I can give you my full attention and focus - are you ready to begin your Creatrix Activation journey?

skipped straight to the end? Here's the highlights...

Creatrix Activation will enable you to move from the boom and bust exhaustion of toxic productivity into a more creatively expansive space so you can connect to sustainable success for you and your business. 

Together we will craft a simple but effective approach for you to embrace practices that will support you to feel more rested and playful, connecting you back to your inner well of creativity.

A blend of both the practical and the magical, Creatrix Activation is your blueprint for doing business your way. 

Say YES to more creative self-expression, confidence and sustainable success through the magic of play and rest.

Deep Dive Discovery Questionnaire

2 x 2hr private coaching sessions

Time & space to integrate and implement

Voxer & email support between calls

2 weeks follow up support 

Exclusive resource portal of tools & templates


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