creatrix activation

Free yourself from the limitations of hustle culture and instead release your full, unique and powerful magic. 
Awaken and reconnect to your inner child (who is just giddy at the prospect of coming out to play with you!); inspiring your creativity and encouraging you to honour your needs first and foremost.

Creatrix Activation is a primer for connecting you with your inner creative spirit – opening you up to the full potential and magic that happens when you honour your whole, powerful self and prioritise time for less doing and more being.

Together we’ll brew up a potent spell that will have the power to transform how you live and work.

Get ready to discover the combined power of play, rest and magic.


Creatrix (kre-ai-trix)

noun - a woman who is deeply connected to herself and her creative energy

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it's time to find another way...

Life has taught you that to be successful (especially at running your own business), you need to always be doing.


One of the greatest lies ever told is that to be successful, you have to always be busy - that there is greater value in working hard than taking a break. We have been sold the promise that the road to happiness is to keep on battling a never ending to do list.  I call bullshit. 


Hustle culture; toxic productivity; people pleasing and the concept of “go hard or go home” – all of it far too common and a fast track to creative burnout.

Mother Nature thrives best when there is harmony, an ebb and flow of energy and us humble humans are no different. 


The truth is, if you’re not creating time and space for things like rest and play - then you’re on the fast track to burnout (somewhere I have been myself and am in no rush to go back to).


Here’s some of the signs you may already be in that space:

  • Comparison has you obsessing over what everyone else is doing, leaving you no energy to focus on your own stuff or feel confident in expressing who you are and what you have to say.

  • The trap of perfectionism has tricked you into believing that only an unrealistic standard is ever good enough – stifling your creativity and leaving no room for joy.

  • Your inner critic is loud and judgemental, holding you back from showing up and being seen, so even though you know what you want to be doing, your fear and self-doubt is holding you back from following your dreams.

  • You know you were made for more than mundane mediocrity, so how would it feel to bring some real and powerful magic into your life?                                     

my story

How a burnout reawakened my creative fire

It took me a mental burnout (followed by a period of enforced rest whilst recovering from major surgery) to realise that living life on autopilot had left me disconnected from my creativity and sense of self.


My sense of self trust was completely wiped out and I was unable to make the simplest of choices for fear of making a mistake. 


I was frozen by the idea of people discovering that I had no idea what I was really doing, and the simple joy of everyday life was crowded out by constant overthinking, second guessing and self criticism. 


Hardly sounds like a nourishing place for creativity to blossom, does it?

I was forced into embracing rest not as a reward, but a fundamental aspect of being human, and in doing so I realised that when you actually stop desperately doing and let yourself just be, you can tap into a powerful pool of inner creativity and joy.

My curiosity to explore other ways of being was sparked and in taking the time to explore what magic meant to me – the idea of ritual & spiritual practices; connecting with energy, nature, and my ancestors; getting back in touch with my inner world – all of it opened up a new world of creativity, supporting me to not only grow my business in exciting ways but also find joy and relaxation in exploring new creative pursuits.

Playing with magic also awoke my mischievous inner child!


I began to remember the things I loved to do that lifted me up and brought me joy; found new ways of working that honoured my energy, my mood and my needs; I remembered how fun it could be to go against the rules and colour outside the lines.


I began to find pleasure in doing things that used to scare me because I was able to reframe them as experiments - a curious form of play that opens up doors of possibility whilst taking off the pressure to get results


Pure magic.


If you’re wondering how magic, rest and play could help support you in your life and business, book a call now:

Practical And Magical Support

As well as being a trained and certified coach with a background in project management and strategy; a trained meditation teacher; tarot reader and shadow worker, I also have a deep well of my own personal brand of magic which includes intuition, empathy, curiosity and a childlike spirit that loves to come out and play with new ideas and what ifs.


Through the Creatrix Activation session, you have access to both my practical and magical skills combined to support you in creating a plan that will create space for you to invite more play, rest, joy, curiosity, creativity and magic into your life.   Here’s how it works: 

1. Let’s get acquainted

It’s important for us both that we get to know each other a bit before we work together to make sure we’re a good fit. The Connection Call is a 30 minute chat for us to explore what your needs are and how I can support you. Think of it like a speed date without the awkward bits.

In our time together, we’ll explore ways to support your creative self-expression; bring more rest & play into your life; cut through overwhelm & overthinking to what’s really important. 

You’ll come away feeling clear on what it is you want to achieve and connected to why it’s important - supporting you to fight off comparison and doubt when they come knocking at your door.

You’ll also have a simple, step by step plan on how to bring your creation to life and share it with the world so you can step away from overthinking and feel certain about what to do next.

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Last but not least, you’ll also have the confidence and self trust to prioritise rest and play as radical acts of self love that will support you to be more creative whilst doing less. 

This is the magical transformation that is possible when you opt out of hustle culture and into working with your needs instead of against them. 

what to expect

Our coaching session will focus on the following principles to support you to activate your inner creatrix:


  • Intention & Purpose - what is it you are looking to speak into creation and for what purpose?

  • Map It Out - together we'll conjure a plan of action - the what, when, how and who of your creative endeavour

  • Foundations - what nourishing & restorative practices do you need to support you and your creativity? The most potent part of the process is to weave in this sacred time for simply being.

Inner Child


Before we meet, I'll send you a  guided meditation journey to meet your inner child so you can tap into their needs and wants and bring them along with you to our session

1-2-1 Coaching Session

1 x 4hr coaching intensive session via Zoom - more detail on that below


(Rest is important to me so this session will incorporate a 30-minute break, making it 4.5hrs total)

2 weeks follow up support

2 weeks follow up support via email and voxer to help you integrate and adapt your new practices. I'll also have my social media cheerleading pom-poms out for your too.


£650 Payable as either a deposit of £200 followed by a final payment of £450


two monthly payments of £325. All payable before we have our session

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Sadie is the best person to guide you - she calmly and assuredly supports you through a journey back to bits of yourself that may be lost, hidden or abandoned.

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As an over-scheduled and under-nurtured business owner, this is just what you need to help you show up for your life and for your business!



Thank you Sadie for your gentle insight and powerful unpicking of so many situations that up to now I was not even able to identify as holding me back

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Working with Sadie was one of the best decisions I made last year.


The whole coaching experience was connecting, powerful and, quite honestly, life changing

book your FREE connection call today and begin your journey to activate your inner creatrix

I only have four of these sessions available each month to ensure that I can give you my full attention and focus whilst allowing time for rest so if you are considering exploring this further, I encourage you to reach out for a free, no obligations call. 

skipped straight to the end? Here's the highlights...

Creatrix Activation will free you from the limitations of autopilot and toxic productivity so you can unlock your unique brand of magic; unleash the joy of your inner child and prioritise rest as a powerful creative tool.


Activate the power to banish the demons of comparison, perfectionism and self-doubt as you discover how to weave ritual and magic into your day-to-day life, supporting you to move beyond the every day and into the spectacular.

Say YES to more creative self-expression, confidence and connection through the magic of play and rest.

Book in a call today to get you started on this journey back to your unique and powerful inner Creatrix spirit. 

An Inner Child Guided Meditation

4hr private, intensive coaching session via Zoom

2weeks follow up support via email & voxer