Coaching FAQs - lets get curious

 I'm all about being curious so your questions are welcome here

Coaching Questions

What is Coaching?


Coaching is a creative partnership between a coach and a client designed to support and inspire development.

Is Coaching the same as therapy?

Coaching and therapy are very different.  Coaching focuses on mindset and supporting clients to achieve specific goals.  Therapists are trained mental health professionals. Life coaches (unless they are also trained therapists) do not have the skills or training to treat mental illness.

Are you a qualified life coach?

Yes, I trained and got my certification with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy.  This involved completing the required 6 month training course and accreditation process.

Do you coach online or face to face?

I do most of my coaching via Skype or Zoom as it is convenient and allows me to work with anyone, anywhere in the world.  However, in person coaching is certainly an option if we are in the same part of the world.

Childfree Questions

What is Childfree?


Being childfree means you do not have children, do not plan to have children.  It may be a choice, it may be by circumstance - either biology or otherwise - the distinction is that you feel positive about your situation of not being a parent.  Childfree is different from Childless because Childless people are those who wanted children but have not be able to have them.

Do you only coach childfree women?

Most of my clients are childfree women because as a childfree woman myself, that is the group that I most relate to and am best suited to serve and support.  Having said that, I have also coached mothers; women who have not yet decided if they want to have children and women who consider themselves childfree.  

The important thing is that as client and coach, we have a connection.  This is why my pre coaching questionnaire and Discovery call are so important.  They give us both an opportunity to get to know each other and decide if we are a good match.

I am a mother, would you coach me?

First off, I love helping and witnessing women achieve their goals and my skills and coaching approach would be suitable for everyone.  If you have older children that have left home and you are looking to take on some new challenges for yourself, then I really feel we would be a great match. 


However, if you still have young or teenage children to care for, then I may not be the coach for you.  Having never been a mother, I cannot relate to the day to day challenges you face and have no experience to draw on to support you  There are also many fantastic coaches who are mothers and would have a deeper appreciation and understanding of you and your lifestyle. 


Whilst I may not be the right coach for you, I still can offer you something from my toolkit which is designed to help anyone and everyone. 

are you ready to experience the benefits of life coaching?